oh man!!! i have planned to finish all my assignments and then make a start for my revision… but then… as SOME may know that i am a last-minute-person, once i start reading my assignment question, and i realise it’s not due so soon yet, then i dont have to mood to do edi… my godzzz… can ONCE i dont do last minute work? and if i do last minute work again, then i wont have much time for my revision~~ *fark man* how how how how…? people, can anyone tell me that my assignments are due next week? can or not? *shiat*

well, was thinking about days started from the beginning of this semester until now… firstly, i am proud of myself that i really did reduce my clubbing counts, DRAMTICALLY DROPPED!! can i say like… 80%? hahaa… and my brain is much better now, nomore hanging over caused of too much of alcohol consumed…

secondly, i have more income this semester coz i am working now… but then, i still dont have much money left…? why? coz of FOOD!! ahahha… we havent been cooking this semester, mostly we eat out and we always go for good food, enjoy food a lot… till i am FATTER AND FATTER and POORER AND POORER~~ oh man~~ sadzzzzz!!

thirdly, i guess this semester i rarely interact with a guy… except my customers… i think i dont see a guy friend even once a MONTH in average… ahhahaah~!! this is amazing!! before this, my life was surrounded by guys and guys and guys, most of my friends were ONLY GUYS!! i dont know why, i seldom have girl friends… maybe they think that i am too BOYISH to be with… =( then this semester, i have got myself a new GOOD FRIEND!! Cheryl Ta!! *applause* yea, i have been spending most of the time out with her, having fun together… kinda happy though having a girl friend around… =) thanks darling!!

forthly, i havent been in love for such a long time… since my last break up… or since the last 2 LIKING stories that i had been through… since all these, i still have a little hope for a good bf in the future, but then i dont hope much… hahahaa~ i already get used to this kinda life with the same routine thingies going on and on… HOPING is tiring and disappointing… =)

lastly, i really miss kl~~ so much~~ i miss my family, my buddies, and the food!! hoping to see everyone real soon~~ 8th of december yea!!

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No comment… for the rest… hehehe.. except!!! DO UR assignment!!!!! Maybe you should mess up the due date again.. then you can get it done…. seems to be a good thing….

my dear, ALL THE BEST for your assignment ~

when comes to boyfriend… slowly lar, u’re still young… nothing to rush about… ENJOY ur single life before u got attached 🙂

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