Decision Made…

hehe… this is funnie!!

just now, darling and i were thinking shall we eat out or not… then she kept forcing me to say yes or no… then i couldnt think of it as i really didnt know that yes or no though… and she herself also couldnt decide… *my godzzz* so we ended up making decision using the tradition way ‘1-2-jus’ on MSN~ ahhaahha… damn lame right!! we counted 1, 2, 3… then we typed out either stone, bird or water… if she won then we would eat out and if i won then would stay at home!! it’s damn funnie lar!! then finally she won and so we went out to eat… ahah, finally the decision was made!! it’s a good way i recommend~~ ehehe, very easy, need not to think so hard for it!! =P

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like this also can? alamak…. but then since you put it this way, why you lose , stay at home and she won, you guys get to go out.. why not the other way round? hmm….. it’s cracking my brain…

aiyoorrh!! NEBO!! you thinking too much lar!!! we are just making it easier!! dont make it too complexed ok thankiew~~

hahaha… darling… no problem~~!!

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