New TOY!!

yea yea yea!! finally i am now playing with my new nokia 6230!! ekekekekeek~~ and finally the sim card is working now… as i went to the shop and asked for HELP HELP HELP!! he told me that instead of SLIDING the cover, we have to PULL the cover from the other end… what a LOUSY COVER i must say!!

let’s browse through its features, basically, i am kinda happy with it… the mp3 player, camera, video, KARAOKE… not too bad lar!! but then i still like that samsung e800 looks prettier!! *grinzz* hmm… i think i need sometime to play with it first…!! =P

i am using ‘heaven.mp3’ as my ringing tone now~~!! eheheh and then i have made use of the camera so much!! ahha… i now have another camera to play with beside my webcam~~ *muahahahahahahah~*

first pic of all…


alice and i…

alice acting cute~

laptop and i~~
-ADDED: hey, notice the birthday card above my laptop? from my parents =) “wonderful daughter, fantastic girl, and all-around terrifc human being” *aaawwww* how honest it is…

lougong and i…

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ape lu ni~~!! ape also want!! got me not enough ar!!!
erm… my wallpaper ar… okokok!! leng leh? i hope to be as leng as her so i put there facing everyday!! kekekekeek~ i will send you~~
but lougong leh… NO WAY!!

haih… haih… haih… yesterday leh i said is it possible that you have the cover open in the wrong way? but someone said.. “NO NO NO”.. then ini lah jadi….haih….haih….haih… anyway… when i saw new toy.. i was like oh no.. not again.. but then hahaha.. nvm… as for the wallpaper.. mine more leng lui… ask cupidcupid lar.. mermaid leh… super geng wan leh… =P
AS for lougong? erm no comment… i have no feel anymore.. though poor guy… i wish i can be his substitute.. =P

PS: blogspot down.. i so sad…. finding free host—found—not working—sad…. hahaha i am making this as if my own blog.. sial… shew shew…

haha… NO!! it’s not meant to be PULLED one!! coz not working PROPERLY, so we have to PULL by FORCING!!
erm… substitute? you slow slow wait lar har… you not as lengjaiz as him also~~ ahhahaha~~~
nebo… FREE thing no nice thing… haha

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