*phiew* so damn full!! was sleeping since 6pm and thought that i could wake up at 8pm to go for dinner… but too bad, i slept till 9pm and then cheryl and i headed to Flemington for laksa king, reached there at 10pm and it was CLOSED!! fine, then we went back to city… almost everything closed!! then to Lygon St, all CLOSED again!! damn~~~ this is melbourne!! NO LIFE AT ALL!! then we were forced to go back to city to go for CHINESE RESTAURANT~~!! while we were deciding whether to Supper Inn or Ling Nam… we ended up using our TRADITIONAL WAY again… ‘1-2-jus’ so then SHE WON again, we headed to supper inn…

deng!! there goes my diet plan!! SUPPER somemore!! what the hell!! then with banana friiter and ice cream lagi~~!!

/me fainted~

my NEW TOY and i~~

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