according to my Baby Nutritionist, Mr. Bobo… he told me that in order to lose weight, i must keep away from CARB… so i am now trying my best to avoid carb and take more PROTEIN!! yea… i am now a fan of CHICKEN and EGG!! yoohooo~~

and my brain has come up with variety of CHICKEN and EGG recipes… kinda bored too… haha… chicken – steam, roast, black pepper, nandos, lemon sauce blablabla… egg – scrambled, omelette, fry, steam, boil blablabla… hahaha… my MEALS~~~

hey, anyone can come up with MORE RECIPES?? for only chicken and egg…? ahah… maybe i should take FISH for next… =P

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cold chicken salad with egg on top – caesar salad.
egg + mayo + bread – egg sandwich.
minced chicken wrapped in fried egg – my dad’s ‘yuk bao dan’
egg curry – the one which we ate the indo take away cafe.
chicken curry.

Aiya, so many choices..!!! Maybe I should start ‘your’ anti-carb diet too! ~

nah..ur diet isn’t right…lol……u need some carbo in ur diet in order to burn ur fats.

I read some health magazine saying that if you dont take enough carbo in ur diet..ur fats will burn much slower….

The intake of carbo..
To Lose Weight – 30 g (That’s like a piece of bread)
To Maintain – 60g
To Gain – 90 g

Eggs are fattening by the way =p.Eat more vege and fish…hehehehe

whey.. an entire no carbo diet will kill you wan you know.. don’t pandai pandai avoid eating carbo at all.. later too much protein… become poison.. then you go hosipital, then aunty come find me… and take me out…

aiyoorh… you know ar… carbo is so geng!! it is EVERYWHERE, whatever i eat also got A BIT of carbo one lar… Milo, chocolates…. blabla~

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