I’m in LOVE~~

oh no~~ i am so out of control and i am so damn in love… the world seems so wonderful in a sudden~~ *aaaaaaawwww~~*

it’s just too nice, imagine the chocolate is melting… so smooth, so sweet, so thick… OOooOOOoOo… anything better than that? *yumyum* I LOVE MILK CHOCOLATE!! the MOST!! and i love BREAKAWAY too~~ strongly recommended to those who love KitKat, breakaway is much better!!! anyone wanna make order?? ehehheeheh~~

these are what i have in my room now… lalalalalalaa~

have you noticed there is NO DairyMilk? that’s my FAVOURITE man!! i SWEAR i am going to get them back!!! erm… maybe another 5 of them? *yooohooo~~* hey, does anyone know whoever has a chocolate shop, factory, stall… or blablabla… can intro to me ar? hehehe… *Mrs. Chocolate wanna be~~*

and yea, i am actually eating Dove Milk Chocolate, a Nut Break and also a Limited Edition’s Dairy Milk… but then 3 of these already opened, so i think it’s not PRETTY to post here lor… but then hor, Mr. TAIUEI hor, he made me take the pic of the limited xmas dairy milk to show him… it’s a santa, but then too bad, the head and the legs already in my stomach… so… too bad, mr. santa looks a bit ugly here!! and then it’s not my fault though, it’s coz it is not in little CUBES shape, so it’s hard to crack it, so… so… so mar so ugly lor… sorrie lar… =P

poor santa… but… *yummie*

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wahahahah breakaway that NICE?hmmm i dont wanna buy the whole BAR….so what i’ll do is….drop by ur hse after exams..and then….take a few bites to try ok??so remember yea..leave me a few pieces.hehe

dove chocolates are nice……try LINDTs..also nice hehe

errrr….. gulp…. so tempting…. control yourself roy… control…. ericca!!! i love chocolate very much too….. ^_^

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