i am still struggling on my assignments while people are studying for up coming exams… i really dont know how to do these damn assignments!!! *shiat*

why am i doing accounting… i have no idea man!! i dont hope to be an accountant also~~ *duhz* actually i only wanna get a degree for… erm… for… dont know!! since everyone is getting one and it is important… so… like this lor!!

and i only hope for a very SIMPLE life, not hoping for stress, or even to be rich at all… erm… maybe i will have to work for a few years just to get my CAPITAL~ yea, i wanna own a CAFE!! not a restaurant!! a very simple, relaxing cafe… with coffees, cakes, musics, colors… a place for stressedful people to rest their minds, a place to strengthen friendships, my DREAM CAFE~~ erm… then my business hours gonna be starting from 3pm onwards… i would like to be a kindergarden teacher before 3pm, to educate the kids while playing with them… teaching ABC, 123, DoReMi…

i still see nothing to do with accounting!! shiat… i am not going to teach kids accounting man~~ then what should i do with my accounting degree? i mean… should i do whatever i am dreaming for…? or to get full use of my accounting degree? to be a PRO or to be a happy lady… *arrrghhzzz*

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I am sure you’ll be a good cafe owner in the future ^_^ But before that, you’ve got to struggle a lil to get $$ to start up a cafe right? Its always like that, you have to give up something to get something in return. Study hard now for your ‘accounting degree’ – after you graduate, you do not have to be an accountant – with a degree, you can do anything you want, you dont always have to end up doing something that you studied. Just go with the flow – and I know you’ll be a successful cafe owner – One day! ^_^ Good luck my dear cuz!

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