Joke of The Day

i heard this story this morning and everyone was laughing till the max~~!!

there was this girl, she thought of giving her parents a surprise by going home SECRETLY, so she took the train back from KLIA to KL sentral then asked her friend to pick her up from there… she was so excited to be home and she brought so many HAND LUGGAGES!! and when her friend saw her with all her HAND LUGGAGES, her friend LAUGHED and came up with a question ‘where is your LUGGAGE?’ there came the funniest part… then only she noticed she forgot to collect her luggage!!! *dumb* then her friend would have to fetch her all the back to KLIA to collect them…

after that 2 of them went to have dinner… and guess what did she see while they were having dinner? hahahah… she saw her parents there as well~~ that was the surprise she gave to her parents…

haha… but i am not going to reveal her identity~~ kekekeke~~



damn!! it’s so boring!! i am so bored!! this is my 2nd day in clayton… and i have been spending my days at home facing the laptop… nothing better to do man~~

all i could do here is grocery shopping, then playing with the kitchen… hahaha… but too bad, my AUNTIE-COUSIN came back edi and she kept blablabla… alamakz!! worse than my mom lar TAY YONG YUAN!! hey, you can be my mom’s best friend edi… but maybe she doesnt wanna friend you though, coz you are more AUNTISH than her~~ hahahahahaha…

haiihzzz… hopefully that i can work everyday to keep my life busy here… and today is only TUESDAY!! duh~~ wednesday another boring day… then it will be THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY!! yea… that i can work!! woooohoooo~~ i love working… the time FLIES~~~

yea… maybe later i will go out to buy something… buy what leh? haiihzz… buy for SOME PEOPLE lor!! especially the TWO people… hey… WM + ZS: really hard to buy your things lar…!!! dont know what to buy~~ hahaha… and i have bought for WH + CL edi~~~ but not both of you~~ alamakzzz!! *headache*


stoopid wheather~~

damn!! i hate this wheather weik!! beh tahan lar!! farking hot and dry!! then sometimes not that hot!! aiyoorrh!! making me so SICK!! duh~~ it has been a long time i didnt have flu and cough edi~~ donkey betul ni!! *angry*

AND!! MY CHOCOLATES!! what the fark!! all my chocolate cubes like chocolate SYRUP!! wahlaoyeh… really regret why didnt i go home earlier!!! arghhh~~ somemore my mommie misses me so much~~ whahahahaha~~ she kept complaining that i didnt go home earlier~~ woohooo~~ hopefully that she misses me as her cutest daughter in the world and not as bully-target or a FREE-MAID lar!! =P

and yea, last night was chatting with SOMEONE, and we thought of having a TRIP to somewhere… hmm… for relaxation!! woohooo~~ there are a few places in my mind, like erm… singapore, phuket, pangkor, cruise, penang… somewhere not so high budget, not so long journey, not so many days, so that MORE PEOPLE can go!! not too bad right!! then we can have gambling session and drunking session~~!! woohooo~~

and my mind still planning what to do during xmas and new year~~ SOME PEOPLE would have left me alone to KOREA + TAIWAN by the time!! PKs!! duh~ so i will have to plan for myself!! kekekeke… or maybe stay at home to celebrate with family? hmm… LET’S SEE WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN~ kekkekee


Bye to Liberty Tower =(

arghhh~~ i am now having a sore throat, flu and i have been coughing like mad!! i can feel that my lungs are shaking and gotta drop soon!! what the hell!! i hate coughing!! duh~~~~!!!

well, today is 28th november 2004, and i will be leaving this apartment soon!! feeling a bit sad… and somehow i hope that i can stay here longer, but it’s just too sad to sleep in a 2 bedrooms apartment alone WITHOUT furniture man!! it’s like staying in a store room and it’s so scary… so in conclusion, I HAVE TO LEAVE!! but it will take me a long way to go to the city from clayton… hmmm… well, pros and cons~

but… haiihzzz… looking at my stuffs now, dont really know where to start from, i can see so many clothes!! whether i should bring them all back? i think so, as they are meant for different situations~ even bras also i almost bringing all back… different colors for different clothes and also different designs for different moods… hahahahaha… =P

i didnt notice that i had bought so many clothes in a year~~ duh~~ and MOSTLY clubbing clothes!! ahhahaha… as i dont like to wear same thing to club with same gang of people, so ugly!! kkekekeke… oh yea, and SHOES as well~~ my godzzzz… i think my mom gonna screw me from up to the bottom man!!

*bless me*


好想好好, 好好恋爱

phew… just got back from work!! today SUPER BUSY man!! and only 4 people working… duh~~ so messy ler everything… and i gotta stay till later then my boss sent me back!! kekeke… so nice right? ehhehe… somemore got VEGE SOUP!! *yummie*

talking to NomNom papa~ then suddenly i found 2 songs kinda best matched with my CURRENT mood~ heheheeh… sorrie to people who dont know chinese again~ =)

the first song…

好想好好 – 李度





the second song…

好好恋爱 – 方力申






wahlaoo… beh tahan lar!!! siaoz wheather melbourne is having now!! damn farking hot!! it’s not only HOT but DRY as well…!! i went to bridge road wanted to buy something one… then the time i stepped out of my door was 30 degrees edi!! ok fine… then when i was out… MY GODZ!! it’s SO HOT!! and SO DRY!!

i went to shop but then i couldnt really breath man!! most of the time i had to take DEEP BREATH!! then whenever i almost feel like fainting and couldnt breath, i would just run into a shop with aircond just to take FRESH AND COOLING AIR~~ and i think i got darker after walking under the sun for 2 hours!! my godzzz!!!

but the good thing was… i saw girls with bikini tops… kekekeke!! *yummie* and also guys TOPLESS!! ahhahaha… they driving without clothes… yoohoo~~ so SEXAY MAN!!! =P

hehehe… taking pic in the fitting room while i tried on a skirt… kekekeke~ but i didnt buy it… =(

trying to act cute~~ kekekek~~ cute? =P

on the way back home on an AIRCONDED TRAM *thanks godz*



well, after reading the story from DaiJouBu’s blog, i have something running in my mind…

i think every couple has faced the same thing before… being together for a long time then they gonna say it’s a boring relationship, nomore excitement and freshness, claiming that they dont love each other anymore… then would gonna yell for a break up… or 3rd party would gonna appear at this moment…

oh yea, if it’s really that both parties were not compatible to each other so it’s good for a break and get a way to find a better one… BUT, sometimes people would just find out that the OLD one is still the best one, and they still love the OLD one, then just dont like the NEW one after a short period and only found that the NEW one doesnt meant to be the one!! and at this time, it’s TOO LATE to get back your OLD love…

to PEOPLE OUT THERE, be in love when you really mean it, not coz of BORED or REPLACEMENT!! be out of love when you really mean it too, NO REGRETS!!




damn man!! where is my lougong!!! duh~~~!!!! i cant find it man!! i dont know where he is ler!! yer!!

i think it was ALICE!! i think she packed all the pillows and comforters in edi!! and then today we moved everything to storage edi!! oh my godz!! now only i notice that my lougong is missing!! what the hell~~ and alice is sleeping now!! can i just wake her up now to ask her where is my lougong ar? i wondering… whether she is hugging my lougong now? aiyoorh~~ i dont know lar!!! damn sadz now without lougong!! how am i going to sleep tonight leh?



wooohooo~~ finally i got the chance to go to the seafood buffet AGAIN after so many months~~ hahaha… it’s not a place where we can go anytime, must SAVE UP only can go one!! hahahaha… but they serve really fresh seafood there man!! today i went for lunch instead of dinner as lunch is much cheaper at 35bucks than the dinner at 57bucks!! i think… the difference is… erm… they dont serve oysters and yabis for lunch lor…

after the lunch, cheryl and i went to shopshop in crown, then i really wanted to grab the A/X t-shirt ler… i went there and tried it on!! oh man~~ it’s not a baby tee man!! it’s just a normal t-shirt and i look like wearing pyjamas t-shirt in it!! duh~~ forget about it man!! save money!! good!!

and i just got back from MYER’s MIDNIGHT sale!! yea!! until 12am!! 20% discount storewide!! and i bought a t-shirt from country road for my dad and a pair of heels from sachi for my mom~ =)

and hey, my place is now fulled with boxes and my room is damn empty now!! i am typing this entry sitting on the floor… and i will be sleeping on my bed without bedsheet later… damn man!! so poor thing!! duh~~~ and tomorrow all my stuffs gonna rest in storage for 3 months till i come back in march!! then i will have to move to somewhere to stay till the day i leave melbourne… oh~~ KESIANZ~~ anyone willing to keep this cute lil innocent good girl?

first round…

2nd and 3rd round!! I LOVE PRAWNS + MUSSELS!!

ERICCA’s made ice cream~

the 59bucks pyjamas t-shirt~



hmm… suddenly at this moment, a babyish face appears in my mind… how cute man~~ acting like a baby~~ the manjaness really cute~~!! erm… he is SOMEONE’s BOY~ not mine~ =P

i think i really adore a guy who can act like a baby, manja like a baby SOMETIMES~ it could melt me easily by that… how nice if i could DRAW the face out now to show you people… too bad, i cant!! and i dont know how to describe it though… just imagine a big boy acting like a baby, shaking his head saying ‘no no no’ or saying ‘i want i want i want’ or just imagine a big boy looking at you with his big rolling eyes very sadly and disappointly… *WAHLAO* i cant resist that, seriously!! my whole body will go melting~

hmm… was chatting with my AUNTIE-MOMMIE on msn just now…
me: will you come to pick me up from KLIA?
mom: of course lar…
me: how i know wor, maybe you all not free leh…
mom: not free also must go one lar…
mom: you need me to take leave on the next day?
me: for what?
mom: to accompany you? or you wanna sleep the whole day?

hahahahaha… now i know i am SO IMPORTANT!! kekekeke… of coz ler!! i am the CUTEST… kekekekekekeeek~ well, i still dont know what can i do on the next day…? hahaha…

but this seems to be a GOOD NEWS to my buddies out there hor? as they no need to be FORCED to pick me up!! kekekeke…

Here I Come in *15* Days…