woohoo~~ just finished my “shine-on-you-marathon”!! it was FANTASTIC!! i purposely went to rent video tapes instead of waiting for the downloaded version… couldnt wait any longer edi~~ AND ALSO not gonna wait for the SUPER-BAD-GUY-TAIUEI!!!

and man~~ I LOVE THE ENDING~~ i cried like a pig only especially the LAST 5 mins of this whole series!! well, it’s a touching story and wasted millions of my tear drops… REALLY NICE!! =)

the MISS WONG was so DUMB!! *sorrie yuan* too blur to realise who she actually love… my godzzzz… even i knew it man!! gotta round and round and round, wasted so much time, hurt 2 guys… only realised at the very end~~ what the hell~~ BUT, luckily she still manage to realise it at the very end~~~ *god bless*

finally done with this show, else i will always think of it and no mood to study at all thinking what’s next of the story… haha… now is better… =) okokok… here i come ASSIGNMENTS!!

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