i always think of something when i am stressed… i would just think back, what happened in the past and what made me sad… blablabla… especially when i think back those people who used to give me supports when i was down and sad… but then all gone when i need someone now… then i would start thinking back… where are they now? why are they not with me now? and thinking back of the moments together with them, the STRONG and HAPPY mind that i used to have…

and so then starting to grade myself a FAILURE…? i cant have control in myself, my mind, my life… everything is just out of my control… =(

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my dear, this is normal…
everybody has their own problems…
i hav problems which cant easily solved too… and pressure !
when something sad happened, all the sad things will automatically appear in ur mind.
hmm… learn to overcome it, k ?
u’re alone there, got to be very independent 🙂

u r NOT a failuer, k ?
dun think so much ~
IF u are a FAILURE ? I’m a FAILURE too 🙂
NO ONE in this world is a FAILURE … except for those who already give up themself… hopeless people…

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