why does the same thing wanna attack me AGAIN and AGAIN? why? especially things that i have already made a decision, but why you wanna mess it up again? and i really really dont hope to have this happen again and again…

broke up, after 1 year, got back, then broke up again… after 1 year, miss me again?

it’s like, what are these man? i dont know what do you mean by happy talking to me again, i dont know what is finally feel relieved after talking to me, i dont understand why you hope me to appear in front of you immediately, i dont know why you miss me, i dont know why you always miss me after 1 year of ignorance and i dont know what you want…

PLEASE, dont tell me that you want me back… i am getting mad soon~

and why cant i just SAY NO? any reason stopping me from that? i have actually told myself that there will be NO NO NO if this gonna happen again… and godzzz… hopefully it’s not what i expected… will it be miss me as a FRIEND? hopefully…

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Actually u have the right to say NO to him if u dun like him. Besides u’ve already made up ur mind that this type of stuff will not happen again. So y not stick to ur decision and say NO to him?? No harm voicing out ur decision. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he misses u as a friend and nothing more, k?? Cheer up and stick to ur decision.


my dear, think properly…
i believe u still have ’some’ feelings on him… else, it wun trouble u…
do u think u still like/love him ? dun think of others, ask urself honestly… ‘”DO I STILL LOVE HIM ?”
well, if u’ve made up ur mind and u wanna stick to it… juz tell him, NO then…
dear, u got to made ur own decision on this… no one can decide for u, except giving u some advices…

DAMN you yuan~ =P
anyway, thanx for everything… i think i know the answer edi… =)
but… it depends whether i can stick to the answer or not… hahahaa~

haha oh god, you are blardy useless, you better stick to your fuckin answer. no point having such relationship as it won’t bring you further. move on, don’t look back. hah, patching up something that’s been broken for times, the result of sticking together? its obvious.

My I ask you something Ericca. Is he the one who miss you a Caucasian?

If he is, I have something to tell you. Please reply ASAP!!! i too late to post a comment?!
your favourite food come back to you again??!!!!!
ask him f*** off la….:P
if i were you, i will straight away show him my middle finger!!!! hahhahahahhahahhaha

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