Love… *2nd version*

*hugz+muackz* to people out there, thankiew very much…

erm… after so many comments, and i have been thinking of it for sometime though… the conclusion is… i will HOLD~ ahahhaha… neither YES nor NO~ =P

i mean, i wont make a decision so soon… i am going to give myself a chance to browse for A BETTER ONE!! i want only ONE please, i am not greedy… hehe~ and i also know that he USED TO BE THE BEST, but i dont think that he is still the one he used to be, NO, i mean i am SURE that he is no longer that NICE TO ME already… yea, and i believe that there is still SOMEONE is much better than him, someone who wont leave me like what he did… and i also hope that this SOMEONE gotta be the LAST ONE though… a serious and a steady relationship is on my way… =)

of coz, i have no idea when this someone gotta appear in my life, BUT i am going to WAIT~~ ehehe, hopefully before the day that i give up on guys and go for GIRLS instead yea… ahahahaha~~

thinking of it, having a bf now is not suitable for me though, as i still have a long way to work on my studies here in melbourne… having a bf in melbourne doesnt secure me as i will be going home to kl one day in the future… having a bf in kl also doesnt secure me while i am studying in melbourne… does this mean that i will still have to wait for ANOTHER YEAR? hahaaha… no idea~~ =)

hahaahha… maybe CUPID gonna strike on me and get me my MR RIGHT during this summer holiday? and it will last forever? hahahaa… *dreaming~*

anyway, GOODLUCK to myself and everyone~ =)

ADDITIONAL: erm… can i state my requirements here as well? hahaha… firstly, A GUY, with SUPERB caring ability, 2-7 years older than me, flooding me with LOVES, hoping me to be his LAST girl, at least 10cms TALLER than me, BIGGER size than me, MATURED thinking, knows what he wants in LIFE, loves both my FAMILY and his FAMILY, a nice FRIEND to my BUDDIES and EVERYONE, a lil small MANJA boy SOMETIMES… *hahaha… not too DIFFICULT to get HIM right?* =P

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hey, it’s really good to hear that you have straigthen things out.. true…. it makes me happy to see that people have straighten their problems… However i am sorry that i couldn’t be there though.. really sorry … but i am real glad.. real glad, you know. i don’t even know what to say anymore, just glad.

hey, Cupid is here ~
surely there will be someone who is better than him…
when u meet your Mr Right, remember to let me know…
i’ll strike you and him, and there will be HAPPY ENDING STORY…
~ CHEERS ~ and ~ GOOD LUCK ~ to you and ME as well…

hahaha… thanks cupid… make sure you strike on the right one ar, dont simply strike ar…!! =P

bobo… erm… erm… got SO GLAD meh? haha~

erm… not up to PERFECT yet lar… but ALMOST only… kekekekekeke~~ coz i was DREAMING while i typing that… haha

don’t know… i am always glad when seeing people sort out their problems.. especially those that i know their problems jor… when i couldn’t help or couldn’t do anything i feel like i am not able to keep a promise.. that’s really sad.. but then you sort it out, i feel happy lor…

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