2nd Home…

wooohooo~~ it’s the end of another semester again, and i have to camp in the library everyday again just to kick the exam’s butt!! damn it!!

anyway, to tell the truth… I AM IN LOVE~~ ahha, i love my textbooks, my notes, the library… they are so damn GORGEOUS~~ *drooling* yea, my daily life from 11am-11pm, 12 hours CUDDLING~~ that’s so LOVELIEEEE~~

even my mom and my ah yee messaged me in msn wondering i really so concentrate in studying and didnt online for the whole day… hahahaahahaah~~~ oh well, yea people, i did!! and it’s gonna be for TWO WEEKS!! and i think i will be FLYING after that~~ ahaha and BREAK UP with my LOVERS!! =P

today i am HAPPY!! coz… firstly, i almost CRIED out when i was taking a 10mins break at the computer lab, i saw a greeting card from Hallmark by my MOMMIE~ yea, i knew what’s gonna be, she asked about my preparation and also asked me to try my best… *thankiew mommie* i am trying to do as good as possible~ hopefully not gonna disappoint anyone again~ =)

secondly… i saw a CUTE guy in library~~ wahahhahaa~~ the PINKIE guy~~ =P

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Since you know every *sayang* you, so you better study hard, and try your best this time OK. We’ve all got faith in you! study hard this week – come out with us during the weekend to play a bit-ok? Good Luck!

hmm… hahahah… oklar, maybe this weekend lor ok? after my 2 papers mar at least… heheehe~~ i will try to arrange for it, but what do you wanna PLAY huh…?

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