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hahaha… to the HAMSUP people out there… here comes the long awaited PICS~~ but… only a few, coz nothing to take… and… too far to take clear pics… too bad lar!! *sorrie*

but then, it was such a waste that i didnt wait for the last part where they would get both female and male visitors to strip on the stage and there would be a winner for both categories… *arrrggghhhzz* it must be damn FUNNIE!! and i saw the video for previous year, the female winner was a lady with around 100kgs in her RED G-string!! and for the males, i dont know who was the winner but i saw 2 uncles with BIG FAT TUMMIES were on stage, it’s really really super funnie… too bad that i didnt get a chance to watch that~~ hmmm…

she was the Ms Nude Australia, really pretty!!
more info Here

who is sexier? ahhahahaa~

erm… wasnt allowed to take this pic, as the guy gotta pay 10bucks to get this pic taken but i just snapped it from behind~

this was the male stripper, LOOK!! he held the girl’s hand and slipped it IN TO HIS UNDIE…

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hohooh….ericca…am i the 1st one u invited me to view ur latest blog…kekek…geng ar…hehe…all naked picz…heh@.@ hey..u make sure those ppl who view this blog would not horny ler…hahaha

wahlao … chunted … i want to go also !!! if i ever go to melbourne you must take me go ok !!!

and if u wanna compare who’s sexier i’d say the statue is sexier than you … ahuahuahuahuahuahua =P

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