Surprise Entry~

kekeke… surprise? haha, since so many people thought that i would be missing for sometime… but i am now here!! yooohooo~~

shiat man, i woke up at 6am yesterday to get prepared for my last paper, and then the paper was OK, but not enough time to finish it, oh well, a law paper has always expected to be UNFINISHED~ then the exam ended at 1230pm, wooohooo… and there came my HOLIDAY!!

PuiShan, Cheryl and i went to chapel st to have nice japanese food *yummie* then SHOPPED along chapel st… after that we back to the city to meet up alice for dinner… at that moment, we kept thinking what to do for next…? mahjong? movie? picnic? NO NO NO, and we ended up decided to K!! yes!! great idea!! the K’s business time is from 7.30pm-3.30am, but then we were in the city at 6pm edi, we had nothing to do till we bought lottery to scratch, we had a drink, we went for photo hunt… till 730pm!! YEAH!!!

it was real fun K we had last night, LOTS OF BEERS!! and i couldnt really take beer coz too gassy, i then got myself a bacardi 151 though =P but then i still gotta take beer for the games… we played ‘Chai Mui’ and ‘Sik Zhong’ FUN FUN FUN!! i kept hearing BOTTOMS UP the whole night~ *my godz* and i had BEERS-151-BEERS again~ wahlaoo… having beer after hard liquor is a NO NO NO… but i did~ then the party started to get wild between THREE GIRLS!! ahhahahaa… touching, hugging, kissing and even french kissing~~ muahahaha~~ then i could see ONE not moving, then the SECOND one sleeping, then ME also lying down edi~~

the party started with 3 organisers PuiShan, Cheryl and i… then we had to get 3 more people in order to meet the minimum head counts, so we got Kelvin, Cathrine and Anthon… 6 of us!! BUT, middle of the party, we had 9 people!! GUESS GUESS GUESS WHY!! hahaha… there were 3 people from next room came in to join us~~ my godzzzz… so damn funnie and we made new friens~~ =) we even exchanged phone number for TONIGHT’S PARTY!! wooohooo~~ will have fun together again tonight my new friends, Peter and Winnie and one i have forgotten his name!! ahahhahaa… and before the party starts tonight, we are gonna throw a DRINKING PARTY at home first~~ *wooohooo* anyone wanna join? kekekekekekeke~

muhahahahahahahaha~~ it’s time for me to do some MELBOURNE SHUFFLING first to get prepared for tonight’s HARD KANDY’s FUN~~~ lalalalalalalala~

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hahaha.. serious i saw the ghey marriage pic.. two guys french kissing… beh tahan… nightmare….

BTW i was talking about my first paper has even begun yet.. kekekeke…. don’t think too much

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