yooohooo~~ i am back in action again!! a couple of things to update man!!

i made my FIRST FRIED RICE in life last night!! yea, and i am so proud of it man!! hehe… and WKKAY tried it yea, cool yea? haha… met 2 new friends last night, WKKAY and RION(correct spelling?) from japan~! had some drinking fun while we had some STOOPID GAMES!! we played ‘0-0-0-7-Piang’ and also ‘Chai Mui’!! this WKKAY damn LOUSY!! he lost to the JAPANESE!! *no eyes see* then we done with the bottle of JD then off to kandy when it striked 2am!! BUT BUT BUT, it was WKKAY’s fault that he kept rushing me so that i didnt bring my pouch and it’s the most important thing as… MY KEY was in it and my ID was in it too!! without the KEY, everyone couldnt go home as they left their stuffs in my place… and without the ID i couldnt get into KANDY!! my goodnesss!!

but luckily i SNEAKED in with my friend’s ID!! ahahahah~~ oh man, it was so FUN FUN FUN!! long time didnt club till that level man!! great music~~!! then everyone started to shuffle with dont-know-what-skill… and i met my NEIGHBOUR there too, he was so funnie, he bought us LOLIPOPS and lend us his GLOW STICKS~~ yea yea yea! so cool~ he also introduced some forgotten-what-name-friends to me!! but, WHO CARES!! the funniest thing was, we used to like saying HI and BYE to each other only while we met, but last night was the first time we actually talked quite a lot and had fun together though… AND the most interesting was… he asked for my name and number after knowing each other as NEIGHBOURS for a year!! my goodness!! then this dumbo SNATCHED my CAP!! when i had it back it was all WET, duh~~ his SWEAT!! i even had to FIGHT back for my cap as he didnt wanna give me back!! and yea, i think his presence around us last night was actually kinda good to protect us from some ugly-old-uncles… *yucksssss*

and then!! YEA!! last night was another LESBOZ gathering too~~!! muahahahahhaah~~ we kept raping each other’s kisses~~ hahaha… it feels so good~~!! i think sooner or later all of us gonna be KISSPERT~~!! ahahah… expert in kissing, especially FRENCH KISSING~~~!! woohooo~~!!!

the fun went on till around 5am, was actually in the mood to have another drink and to continue the party… but some of them wanted to go home… oh well… we then walked out, AT THAT MOMENT, we saw SOMEONE!! GUESS GUESS GUESS!! he is the MASTER, mr. HAYDEN, visit him HERE !! wooohooo~~ we had the chance to see him shuffle GORGEOUSLY man!! Hayden is the bomb~~!! and he will be in ATMOSPHERE in JAN!! hey people, we will be there ok? heheheheeh~~

alright, after that, we really gotta walk back to puishan’s place and then 6 of sleeping in the living hall~~ how sadzzz… we woke up at 11am and called my another housemate, Vanessa to come back just to open the door for us, SORRIE girl~~ it’s all WKKAY’s fault!! =P

then we were off the DIM SUM again~~ and we HAD FUN eating dim sum too!! it’s always JOKES together with ROBIN~!! he is the JOKER!! ahahah… and also the DIM SUM UNCLES!! damn funnie, an uncle was telling DIM SUM STORY, so cute~~!! how happening man~~!! hahaaha… then i am here back to take a rest then later gonna work!! hmm… still thinking… tonight should i have a rest? or another PARTY at NEXT BLUE tonight? anyone??

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