well… i am very sad~~ i had too much food today!!

at first went to have Thai food today, and we got ourselves each a set lunch~ so yummie man~~ got lamb, got fish, got chicken~~ i love the green curry chicken~~!! *wow* therefore… i ate a lot!! which is WRONG!! then alright, but then, we got DESSERTS somemore, wahlao… another WRONG!! damn full~~

seriously, the lunch could last me till no dinner!! i didnt feel hungry at all man!! BUT, haiihhzzz… 3 girls, alice, vanessa and puishan wanted to eat… and i wasnt allowed to stay at home!! *fark* so i went lor… and that hit on my weakest point –> i cant ONLY looking at food!! damn, and yeap i ended up eating ‘pei dan sao yok zhok’… which is another WRONG!! then after the porridge… i FAILED to resist myself from ordering my favourite dessert –> BANANA FRITTER with ice cream~~ *K.O*

DAMN!!! my diet plan *failed* AGAIN!!!!! i am wishing for all these irritating EATERS to go back ASAP!! so that i can enjoy my lonely diet plan alone~~ *wooohooo*

then!! my lecturer also WRONG!! she called me and told me that she didnt receive my assignment!! what the hell is this weik!! duh~~ and i have to submit another copy to her tomorrow and show her the RECEIPT signed by her when i handed in that time~~ damn!! why this kinda thing always happen to me one!! last semester also like this, that was even worse, the lecturer FAILED me coz he had NONE of my assignments but only the marks for FINAL EXAM…!! then later found out and i had DISTINCTION for it~~ damn!!!

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dai: you SHUDUP!!! it’s their FAULT!!! =P
yea yea yea yea… i know… i have to stay all day and night at home… no food, no alcohol~~

no, u got to eat… but something low carbohydrate… or drink milk =)
if u didnt eat at all, u’ll be strengthless and weak like hell…
i tried last time, end up i cant managed to do my own laundry ^_^”

erm.. just make sure you have normal calory intake daily.. if the level is below the minimum level (no idea what’s the minimum level)… your metabolic rate would alter thus making you harder to burn fat, thus making you fat even if you don’t eat much… now that’s a pain…

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