wooohooo~~ finally i got the chance to go to the seafood buffet AGAIN after so many months~~ hahaha… it’s not a place where we can go anytime, must SAVE UP only can go one!! hahahaha… but they serve really fresh seafood there man!! today i went for lunch instead of dinner as lunch is much cheaper at 35bucks than the dinner at 57bucks!! i think… the difference is… erm… they dont serve oysters and yabis for lunch lor…

after the lunch, cheryl and i went to shopshop in crown, then i really wanted to grab the A/X t-shirt ler… i went there and tried it on!! oh man~~ it’s not a baby tee man!! it’s just a normal t-shirt and i look like wearing pyjamas t-shirt in it!! duh~~ forget about it man!! save money!! good!!

and i just got back from MYER’s MIDNIGHT sale!! yea!! until 12am!! 20% discount storewide!! and i bought a t-shirt from country road for my dad and a pair of heels from sachi for my mom~ =)

and hey, my place is now fulled with boxes and my room is damn empty now!! i am typing this entry sitting on the floor… and i will be sleeping on my bed without bedsheet later… damn man!! so poor thing!! duh~~~ and tomorrow all my stuffs gonna rest in storage for 3 months till i come back in march!! then i will have to move to somewhere to stay till the day i leave melbourne… oh~~ KESIANZ~~ anyone willing to keep this cute lil innocent good girl?

first round…

2nd and 3rd round!! I LOVE PRAWNS + MUSSELS!!

ERICCA’s made ice cream~

the 59bucks pyjamas t-shirt~

13 replies on “BUFFET~~”

ahahaha *lol*
again u juz update ur blog ah ? and found my comment here ? hehe =D
i’m now at home dee…
juz now u didnt inform me tat u going out =(
i’m going back to pack my stuffs soon…
i will online later… *muacks*

hahahaha… you look at the time also know lar…~~
i posted at 1207 then you commented at 1216…
faster lar!! i miss you… bored~~

weh…that A|X t shirt where got nice?! Somemore 59bucks..:P and just 2 rounds of main course for 35bucks lunch?! wasted la!!!!!!!!!!!

hhmmm… I AM 100% innocent not ‘innocent’ ok!!
cupid: i am ok edi ler… *muacks* dont know why also… the night before also like that… *pregnant?* hahahahahaa~

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