wahlaoo… beh tahan lar!!! siaoz wheather melbourne is having now!! damn farking hot!! it’s not only HOT but DRY as well…!! i went to bridge road wanted to buy something one… then the time i stepped out of my door was 30 degrees edi!! ok fine… then when i was out… MY GODZ!! it’s SO HOT!! and SO DRY!!

i went to shop but then i couldnt really breath man!! most of the time i had to take DEEP BREATH!! then whenever i almost feel like fainting and couldnt breath, i would just run into a shop with aircond just to take FRESH AND COOLING AIR~~ and i think i got darker after walking under the sun for 2 hours!! my godzzz!!!

but the good thing was… i saw girls with bikini tops… kekekeke!! *yummie* and also guys TOPLESS!! ahhahaha… they driving without clothes… yoohoo~~ so SEXAY MAN!!! =P

hehehe… taking pic in the fitting room while i tried on a skirt… kekekeke~ but i didnt buy it… =(

trying to act cute~~ kekekek~~ cute? =P

on the way back home on an AIRCONDED TRAM *thanks godz*

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