Bye to Liberty Tower =(

arghhh~~ i am now having a sore throat, flu and i have been coughing like mad!! i can feel that my lungs are shaking and gotta drop soon!! what the hell!! i hate coughing!! duh~~~~!!!

well, today is 28th november 2004, and i will be leaving this apartment soon!! feeling a bit sad… and somehow i hope that i can stay here longer, but it’s just too sad to sleep in a 2 bedrooms apartment alone WITHOUT furniture man!! it’s like staying in a store room and it’s so scary… so in conclusion, I HAVE TO LEAVE!! but it will take me a long way to go to the city from clayton… hmmm… well, pros and cons~

but… haiihzzz… looking at my stuffs now, dont really know where to start from, i can see so many clothes!! whether i should bring them all back? i think so, as they are meant for different situations~ even bras also i almost bringing all back… different colors for different clothes and also different designs for different moods… hahahahaha… =P

i didnt notice that i had bought so many clothes in a year~~ duh~~ and MOSTLY clubbing clothes!! ahhahaha… as i dont like to wear same thing to club with same gang of people, so ugly!! kkekekeke… oh yea, and SHOES as well~~ my godzzzz… i think my mom gonna screw me from up to the bottom man!!

*bless me*

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haha leave them all in aus and when come back malaysia, cap money from parents and buy again la XD

lol but seriously, what fred say true ler. bring too much back here sure got problem to bring back aus next time. cause when u come down here im sure u’ll buy others to bring back there rite ^^

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