Snowing…..and it is freakin cold

hohohohh………falls gonna gone and winter is coming..and snowing baby!!…since a long time i din post anything cxz i sold my tablet pc and now waiting all my computer parts coming all the way from CA….ebay is a good place to sell all ur stuff, wahhaha, i made a great geal there, somemore usa computer parts are cheap man!!!oh yeah….until now i havent got da right car holly shit, damn…..n winter is coming….lol….and the monkey pyy went to wash dishes for 3 weeks then the restaurant closed down!!!:oops::))!!but ofcxz not bcz of me lo…hahahha…now gonna look for new job….1st time i got paid for wat i worked!!so happy when i got the pay!!!my dad din pay me any for wat i work in his company, wat a sad thing lol….lately i found out i like to sleep on other ppl bed whaahha, duno why also….feel more comfortable lol…so nice 2 sleep in diff bed, i went through 3 diff beds juz within a night…yoyooyo….ok i gonna do my assignment now…n happi holiday for those studying in AUS, and good luck in their exam for those studying in USA!!!pyy is breaking the record where only done a laundry once a month….wahahah….in this coming month, maybe once a foremonth….bcz i gonna take all my clothes off my shoppin bags!!whahahha….

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