well, this is most probably my 3rd time to write something here. It is 4:14am over here, 3 more hours then I have to rush to somewhere else for class. Vian Yee, my ‘bestest’ ‘gal’ friend I supposed,left K.L for around 10 months and she is coming back soon. Dont know why, I feel kinda weird. We used to hang out alot, party,mahjong,yam char,movie and can talk anything we like to.Will it be the same this time? who knows. I can tell you that the life without this stoopid gal here is just nothing but boring.When I free I cant visit to her house,cant chit chat with her brothers, can make cookies together and no more clubbing partner.The most funny thing is I dont even drive to Happy Garden more than 10 times after she left. TIT COME BACK LA!!!!!!!!!!!

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mmm..find tat one of my best frend is coming back reli excited me … we have more than 10 months away… so cannot … we muz meet up loo… cannot ffg lar… let us examine u whether u r still f*t or the other way …. hahah …. kinda miss ur smile …n laugh too …. erm,… wat else …. anywa y ,,, juz come back here faster don paktor till forget us ok >?

well, you people are just SLIGHTLY lose to my family, thus you are damn important to me and dont forget how much i love you man!!!!
and, dont think that anything will change this time, and i am telling you HELL NO!! as my heart has never changed… but then i dont know about you guys lar…=P
we will have REAL SOON peeps!!

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