Holy Shiat!

guess what!! i took TWO HOURS to reach clayton man!! i left my working place at 1030pm… and i reached clayton at 1230am~~ cool huh…? what the hell!!! the train was terminated at caufield station and we had to take BUS to other stations, and the bus was supposed to stop at clayton but then it didnt stop, it went to springvale!! then my cousins gotta pick me up from springvale!! what the hell man!! wasted my time!! angry~!~!~!~!~!

luckily today i did something to make myself happie!! kekee… went to chadstone to buy stuffs for my 2 BAOBEI BUDDIES, then i ACCIDENTALLY bought myself a CK top too~~!~!~! hehe, it’s CHEAP man!! BUT, dont remind me of RINGGIT lar, heheeh… it looks cheap when it’s in AUD~ hehe… so happie~~ hmm… waiting to get my NEW BABY soon next monday~ ehhe… monday i will show to you people yea~~ ekekkeke… and my results coming out on monday but i planning to buy my baby first else i am afraid that i will have no mood to go shopping after viewing the results~ =P

hey today i saw a girl damn YING man!! guess where she puts her mobile phone? hahaha… she puts it in between her boobs~~!! woohooo~~

3 replies on “Holy Shiat!”

i think if u want to put in ur cleavage oso can cause ….hm….. understood lor… hahahha …
woo… ck ?? woo nice …. anyway… don forget our bigbig present ….. hahha … juz kidding lor .. lv is enuf lor.. no need too expensive lar… ok ?? we all sek u mar.. don want u to spend too much … kkekkeke
meet u on wed …. .ciao … .

ahduh~~ ahahhaha… i will try my best to get a LV paper bag for you ok~~
wed night bring me go where?~!~!~!?

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