New Baby~

ehehehehe… i bought my new baby today finally!! so happie yoorhh~~ ekkekekeke… BUT damn it, everywhere is ON SALE but this stoopid thingie not even on sale BUT the price has increased!! what the hell~~ 10bucks more expensive than it used to be man!! duh~!~! dont care… i still wanna own it!! kekekekee~~

today was so damn HOT man!! i went to settle everything before i leave to kl, settle my bills, fitness first, roaming, return books… blablabla… and i even went to return my apartment’s keys and said BUHBYEZ to liberty tower for the last time!! i was sweating like a pig the whole day man!! then i straight away went to work after that…

i bet you people havent seen a waitress wearing a black A/X spaghetti strap and low cut top with pink color bra strap before eh? hahaha… that was me!!! kekekeke… i was supposed to put on my jacket while working so that it wouldnt be so revealing, BUT it was so damn hot man, i was forced to wear like that to work!! luckily my boss didnt screw me!! =P

introducing my NEW BABY…

baby’s in the bag~

baby’s in the box~


baby + me!!

bored ericca on the train~

buhbyez to unit 1209 liberty tower =(

4 replies on “New Baby~”

lolz ~!!! this gal really… *sweating*
i tot wat is her BABY pulak ~?!~!?~
wey, i like ur low-cut-top le ~ keke =P
sexy ~!!!
yoohoo !!! my dear is coming back dee, cant wait to see her… but u guys know wat she told me ?
she said she dowan to meet me, so sadz =(

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