Tired Sunday…

i think yesterday was the MOST TIRING sunday i had had in melbourne man!! there were 9 of in 2 cars heading to Walkerville WANTED to catch some ABALONES… and it was a SUPER FAR man!! a 2 hours journey!!

but too bad that the tide was too high and it was dangerous to go down to the sea, so we only went ROCK WALKING, my godz, it was seriously scary, i almost fainted there!! the rocks were so hard and sharp, and i was in my SLIPPERS, it’s so dangerous, just imagine ONCE fall, then shiat edi~~ then it was so windy, so COLD man but it was a sunny day, yenni and i just spend our day sitting under the umbrella doing nothing while others went to get SEA SNAILS instead of ABALONES… how sadzzz…

later then headed to another beach and WANTED to get some LALAS too~ but then again tide was too high~ ahahah… damn!!! but the beach was cool, the sand super soft!! real great~ just to enjoy a cooling sunny day there~ =)

after a super tiring sunday, we then had dinner together at this restaurant, Limor’s!! the food not bad, but it comes with a super BIG portion!! hahaha… 9 of us we only had 2 plates of it, one seafood as entree and another one meat as main course~ we couldnt even finish it man!! but the price was ok though, 160bucks, not too bad huh~~

well… monday!! tuesday!! and i will be HOME on wednesday night!! wooooohoooo~~!~!~!~! people WELCOME ME HOME!! ahha… YUMCHA lar wednesday night, Mr. Zeno and Mr. WM dont throw me aside coz of your LB ar!! Mr. ZS promised edi dont FFK ar!!

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