oh man!! i didnt know that christmas is around the corner, till today i gotta look for today’s date while filling in some enrolment forms thingie… it’s already 16th december man!! but still dont have programs for my christmas celebration yet man!! how sadddzzz…

is anyone going to have fun with me? hmmm… who? sadly that my buddies are not around… hmmm… will it be a homely christmas celebration? hahahahaha… really no idea man~~ can i actually wish for christmas pressiez? heheehe… give me sometime… i will LIST it out then please send this URL to Mr. Santa korkor ok!! =) hmmm… or maybe i should wish for the person that i am gonna celebrate with? hmmm…

on the other hand, i am feeling stressed out!! duh~~ guess what, i have an assignment due 24th december!! my godz!! christmas’ eve assignment!! duh~~~!!! oh well, luckily it’s before the celebration, else i will have to rush like a mad cow after partying!! but… i dont think that i will be at some happening places like CLUBS… it’s gonna cost a BOMB and also gonna be exploded ANYTIME~~ *phew*

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