Perempuan Simpanan…

usually people think that all these girls are so dumb as they dont mind being 2nd wife or 2nd gf of a guy… they dont mind being unknown… dont mind being a toy… blablabla…

but then i think that they are kinda smart being so… they rather do so coz they love their men, it’s better to stay at this kinda situation rather than being seperated… at least, they still have chances to see their men, to at least have chances to be together with them… they might just lose everything if they fight for it or keep bugging for a status…

sometimes it’s good for not asking for more… always feel satisfied can lead to a happier life… =)

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Agree with you Ericca..
when person is in love..
they do not care for other things..even ppl say it’s selfish and even they’re being called toys,mistress,spare tyres,slut..or what so ever…

hrm….. but does the man actually loves her as she does for him?? sometimes i think it’s a lost cause… it’ll just give you more pain than happiness this way…

yea!! thanks for supporting me!! =)
rourou… it doesnt matter whether her man loves her that much or not… it matters when she cant see him cant be with him… that’s sadz~~
freddie… why selfish? they never ask for more also…

hmmm…. i do not know if the so call “feeling”, “infatuation”, “love” or whatever u wanna call it….. are so important? to a point where they over rule your rational thinking and conscience? hhmmm…. for many of you might think that person is great…. never ask for more by being the “hidden” 3rd party…. just for the sake of seeing and loving someone’s else husband/boyfriend…. i have to a agree at one point… she’s great…. but at my rational point of view…. i call that stupid…. cause to me…. “feeling” isn’t everything…. just my 2 cents…. ^_^

ericca, well… selfish as in… the girl is breaking a family.

she should try to put herself in the wife’s situation… what will she do if she’s the wife?

but then again, it’s none of my business. 🙂

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