A Malay Cab Driver

i just got back home from college~~ duh~~ usually daddie picks me up one, but then today he wasnt free… so then i thought ok lor, i could get a cab then~ so i walked out of the college and saw a cab there, and i told him that i wanted to go home, and he told me ’20bucks’ i was like… FARK YOU MAN!! but i had no choice as it was raining that time!! as i couldnt run back to college under the rain with my mini skirt, sore legs, and a MOUNTIAN of books!! further more i was so freaking hungry man!! damn angry edi let me meet this shittie bastard!! i even put my phone on silent mode didnt wanna answer my mom’s call!! my eyes were rolling that tears gonna fall real soon and i was about to ‘fat lan zha’ edi~~~ at the end, i took the DAMN cab to pyramid with 5bucks…

the driver was such a pain man!! i rather paying 20bucks with the meter working than just by saying ’20bucks’!! at first thought of walking around pyramid and shop shop, BUT too bad, i really couldnt walk anymore, so i went back to the TaxiQ… and i found it weird seeing a ticket counter there… i really didnt know what’s that but i just followed everyone… and i was asked to pay 12bucks!! i was like WHAT AGAIN!! i thought it was just service charge for the ticketing thingie… luckily i later found that it’s the fare!! that’s better!!

it’s a malay driver… my godz~~~~ i am not being racist, BUT i am really scared of malays, especially those who cant speak other languages than BM, coz i cant speak BM lar!! and so unfortunately this driver was so funny and friendly… but our conversation was like a duck + chicken talk~!~!~! he asked me damn a lot of questions man… from how old, studying what, where, dad’s age, dad and mom working as what, how many siblings… blablabla… even asked me what is my bf working as… i went like ‘HUH?’ and i told him that i dont have one… but he didnt believe… =( overall, he is a nice guy, telling me he has 3 kids, he is 33 years old… hahaha… but i doubt he actually understand all my words!! =P and honestly, i was failed to understand all his words… kekekekeekeke~

he saw my dog, then i told him that the dog’s name is Beckham, he went so exicted and called him ‘David Beckham’… hahahah… so funnie… and yea, thankx to him i am safely home!! so that i could take off the freaking uncomfortable shoes, take a rest, AND EAT!!!! so now… all my angers gone~ =)

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u are lucky that the first driver didn’t do *ahem* to u.
seems to me the first cab driver like one of those rascals who once u enquire the fares, u must take the cab. and plus somemore u are wearing mini-skirt woh. >.

i thought wat a big news!!! only those small little things ah dui, not being 1st day in malaysia also, these stuffs happen everyday, u can take the 20 bucks cab n pay him 10 bucks wat!!!wat can he say? but they earning very less only so sometimes we pay them more than normal rate is reasonable lol…..u may get angry at tat moment, but 1 day u walk into their life and c their lifestyle n compare 2 urs…….u will get shame lol… i know all these? bcz i used 2 be very rich n poor lol……erm…..abroad studies life seems like din train u became a tough gal…..though u r a gal,……..always wanna cry!!!lol……..

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