Xettie Gathering

well, there were 9 of us went for the Xettie gathering at The Curve last night… including CupidCupid, Freddie, NomNom, NuNu, Cathy, Kit, Wauhaha and me… and not to forget LokLok also who is not Xettie member~ we went to have Vietnamese food at this Restaurant Pho Gua…

but then too bad that this LokLok was SO late that he came after we finished all our food… as he went to the wrong place… sorry lor… maybe it’s my fault also ler, i didnt state the location clearly… but luckily LokLok is so KIND~~ he didnt scold me~~ =P or maybe i am too cute edi~~ lalallalalaa~~

oh well… the food was… erm… SO SO… not really nice in my opinion, so i dont recommend people to go there… kekekeke… BUT then LokLok and I thinking to bring BOBO there, coz BOBO deserves BAD FOOD!! wahahhahahahahahahahahah~!~! =P and then we gotta THANKIEW our boss of the night Mr. Freddie the CEO~~!! thanks for the dinner yea~~

actually we were supposed to go to K one… but hor, our LAU PAN lor didnt wanna bring us go, SO BAD!!! then we went to look for EARRING with LAU PAN, he wanted to get some… but he is being too fussy edi lar… we suggested SO MANY also he didnt like them… *arrrghhh* then walk walk a while in Tesco… then Buhbye to people then CupidCupid and I followed NuNu’s car…

on the way back, we called up Kae to go yumcha in SS2, and we went to a SUPER NICE place, I LIKE IT SO MUCH!! it is Honey Bee Cafe!! the shop is decorated with BEES and BEES and SO MANY BEES!! so cute~~ with yellow and black in color… then they have lots of games for customers to play also, like playing cards, UNO, UNO stacko, chess, board games… very nice~!~! and there is a model car in the middle of the shop where customers can choose to sit in the car… so CUTE~~!! and i have found that the shop A BIT WEIRD as all the workers are WAITERS!! i didnt even notice ONE WAITRESS working there man… this is so weird… but who cares… the 4 of us played Chor-Dai-Dee there for the whole yumcha session…

after that, NuNu sent all of us back home… yeah~!~! NuNu so nice yea~~!!

our LAU PAN of the night… UNCLE FREDDIE~
*sorrie lar, a bit blur coz hands shaking mar… taking pic of LAU PAN wor… so scared… BUT HOR, i think LAU PAN looks more lengjaiz when it’s a bit blur…* =P

3 replies on “Xettie Gathering”

lol ~!!! Lau Pan, those earings we suggested are NICE wat…
u are toooooo FUSSY lar… duh ~!!!

and i love the Honey Bee place too ~!!! so nice…
and i like my jack fruit taufu fah also… kekekeke

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