Surprise in LAB~

DK82!!! you are just like a GHOST man!! suddenly popped up in front of me…!!! anyway nice meeting you, thankx for the HI and also the surprise that i have got… hahahahaha

when i was very concentrately surfing the internet and LYN in the computer lab in college… suddenly there was a guy in black came to me and asked whether i am ERICCA… i was so shocked by him… then he introduced himself… and he is DK82!! wahhahahahaha~!~!~! then we chatted a while and he left coz… HUNGRY!!! ahduh~!~! never SINGMUK a bit ask me along also~!~! *arrrghhh*

ok… it’s time for class~~~

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keep fit la.. xiao jie..
dun eat too much la..
DK82 know u wanna keep fit ma..
then he save money for himself lo.. 😛

lol, that time my fren called me saying that he was starving waiting for me about half an hour… =P

Don’t worry, next time will chia u lim teh, i mean, lunch!!! xD


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