my super friday started very SADLY coz of SOMEONE ffk me for lunch… i purposely left my house early just because that this someone asked me to be at bukit bintang before 1230… his lunch’s time… oklor… then i reached at 12pm went walk walk at time square then started calling him from 1230 to 1pm… NO ANSWER!! what the hell~!~! fine… that time i was so damn sad… my tears almost fell down edi… because i couldnt find a reason why he said ok the night before then ffk me in a sudden without a word… i was so angry as well and i deleted all his details from my phone book on the spot… and i even called everyone to go clubbing at night just to release my ANGER!! then luckily my dearest DIDI working in time square also, so i had lunch with him lor… thanx DIDI~!~!

after that i went K at redbox with Mayvis and Dayna~!~! damn syiok~!~! kekekeke… then half way K-ing, suddenly my phone rang… hmmm… SOMEONE called to explain why he didnt turn up and didnt pick up my calls… and the reason was quite reasonable… so… hehe… he is forgiven~! =P

well, then our people decided to go ATMOSPHERE to have fun!! yea yea yea!! but before that, we went to steven’s corner to have dinner first and i met up with DK82 AGAIN~!~! =P and… another 2 friends… sorrie yea DEXTER, didnt really talk to you people much and we left early… sorrie… next time gather again lar… =) and then i also saw my high school mates there BUT i didnt recall their names… but i didnt tell them lar… hahahaha~!~!

before going to atmos, i went to wish another BIG BABY ESMUND happy birthday as he was celebrating his 26th birthday in Jungle, and sorrie to ESMUND that i couldnt join you people, i still prefer my 2nd home ATMOS!! lalalalalala~!~! hmmm… then i met JAMES in atmos too, very suprising that he still recognise me after a year not meeting each other… and he was so sweet that he called me telling me that he already home… haha~!~! then another person i met was KEN~!~! hehe… my CYBER LOUGONG!! finally meeting him~~ yooohooo~!~!!

after all the fun, i went back to Mayvis’s place after a small yumcha session… and it was around 5am in the morning… the coolest thing was… when we were back at home that time, we saw her sister woke up and getting prepared to go to school edi… hahahahaha… that’s funny~!~!~! =P

ok!! here comes the HIGHLIGHT of my night!! i saw HAYDEN!! yeah!!! the cute and handsome Hayden from melbourne!! i met him once back in HardKandy in melbourne and i met him again last night in atmos!! wooohooo~!~! he is a good shuffler, people kept looking at their moves last night, GREAT!! you guys can pay a visit to his website at

Hayden and me~!~!

Mayvis and Me… taken in the toilet when we were yumchaing after clubbing… hhahahahaha~!~!

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next time she will take pic in guy’s toilet or garfie’s room.. :w
this CaCa.. go find hayden also dun let me know..let me alone at home..
didnt went home somemroe.. 🙁

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