Days are BORING~

haiihzzz… nothing to update these days… almost everyday is the same… nothing is happening… This is so sad!!!

well, a few days back, finally we went to HONEY BEE!! yeah~!~! we went there to have dinner cum supper after shopping at 1u… it was fun when 5 of us decided to play the game ‘Snake and Ladder’ *gooosshhzz* what a childish game!! =P we started the game with a more challenging way by kicking the person away if both are in the same box, so that the person would have to start all over again… but then, we canceled the rule after sometime as the game would take FOREVER to finish… still… there were TOO MANY SNAKES at the top level, people kept being eaten by the snakes and got back to the lower level… arrrghh… and it went round and round… till… we totally gave up!!! ahhahahaa… we didnt finish the game though~ so, a lesson, never ever teach your kids to play snake and ladder!!!

hhmmm… and i was so confused and worried these days… all because of my studies!!! arghh~~ and my future… yea true, maybe it’s a bit too early to worry about it, but i guess it’s kinda normal for people like me to think think think about useless thingie while i have nothing else better to do… *duh* SADZZZZZZZZ…

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that’s why grown up let the kids play ladder and snake. so that they will be playing on their own forever and not disturbing the adults. 😀

everybody thinks about the future sometime or the other. as for the future, you can only plan the path on what you wanted to do, but the outcome may not be what you want. it’s always good to have a backup plan, or safety net.

hmm… good idea wor!! teach them to play themselves but not to play with them… but then, you can only teach your kids to play it when you have more than ONE kid~ else you will have to be another player…

hmm… too bad that neither plan works… haha

i m so bc and u r so free!!!oh man!! i m gonna die of exam!!! got 3 exam in a week!!! ur future mah marry a handsome n good n rich guy then mah go shopping everyday!!ahhaha so easy!!!

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