Korean BBQ

yeah~!~! finally we went to have this Korean BBQ at Hartamas edi~!~! not too bad!! kinda tasty though~ and hell man, i think we were the only NON-KOREANS in the restaurant… everyone is korean man!! ahduh~~ so feeling like alien… hahahaha

the 4 of us, WheiMeng, ZhanShen, Zeno and I went… we had beef, pork, kimchi soup and another one… beef in soup… very nice oorh… hehehe… thankx to ZENO’s recommendation!! *good* but the price not very good… heheheheheheeh… and we really realized that we are spending too much on food edi, almost every meal we eating is eating good or expensive food… damn!! we must be good boys and good girls ok, dont over spending… hahahahahahah~ *a bit impossible* well, it’s kinda pricey TO ME as it’s a total of 120bucks for 4 dishes… ahduh~~ and they are not big portions at all man~~!!~!~! go once in a while ok edi, dont go always, will bankrupt!! =P

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WAH~!~!~!~! now i know KOREAN FOOD IS EXPENSIVE!!!!!! *freaked out*

heheeh… so next time will be eating at HAYANNA’s house… lalalalala~

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