A Piscean…


er… i got this from zhanshen’s website and he purposely highlighted this part to me saying that it’s very true ON ME!! even Zeno also thinks that!! damn!!

oklor… it seems like you people dont like me to forgive HIM wor… hor? hey, but then… sometimes there are REASONABLE REASONS there ok~~~!! =P

anyway, i am happie today!! hehehee… and also thankx for the nice PAN MEE wor!! really nice weik, i think even nicer than some people selling outside there man!! thankx to ZhanShen, Zeno, Mayvis, WeeHong, WayLeong for joining the dinner… and thankx to WheiMeng for FFKing us!!

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i seriously fed up with all this “things”!!! either you get your life back on track!!!! or just continue to kill yourself and stop dragging everyone along.. it’s really getting way out of hand, seeing that this has been going on for so long.. get a god damn hold of your life…. stop whining and then in the same time asking for more…. there’s no such thing either you accept and make no sound of it…. or you just quit!!!!

bobo… dont be so KIK lar… erm… erm… erm… erm… i know what’s going on ler… but but but… well… dont know…

you see!! that kind of atitude would kill you someday.. you cannot “don’t know” forever.. take charge of your life.. not horoscope or anything should tell you what to do…

well, poor ericca..I always ask her what is she planning to do on ‘this’ relationship..but it seems not only ericca problem, I somehow dont even understand what the STOOPID pig want from my friend..Back off if you just fooling her!!!!!

hahahahaha… stoopid pig pulak *shiat*

oh well… thankx for those words… and… sometimes i dont think it’s either of our fault… maybe, we are looking for different things from this ‘relationship’…

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