again and again… again and again… have been thinking of the same case all the time… knowing the facts… knowing the shoulds and shouldnts… but… still wondering what will be the final decision… and when will be the FINAL?

have been telling myself that i am having the control, i can control myself, control my feelings… blablabla… but then, the fact is I CANT… it seems like i am just like a loser now (maybe SOMEONE is right, SOMEONE told me that i am currently letting him pulling my nose to walk)… and also been telling myself that, he might change, he might feel it sooner or later… i have been trying my best to be a better person, to NOT to do things that he thinks are not right… but then, still never change his mind or he still thinks that i am not a good person… or perhaps he is the one who wanna be a bad person all the time…? or perhaps a bad guy like him doesnt deserve a good girl like me… oh well~

and again, been telling myself to END it ASAP in order to avoid more sadness in the future, and i really MEAN it and HOPING for it… but, still looking for the best way, best time to do so… wish me luck then~

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dear, Good Luck ~!!!
wat ur fren said is correct, do not let anyone control you… NOT WORTH IT ~!!!
ask urself… “WHO IS HE ?” he is juz ANOTHER guy… so wat ?
dun bother him, juz be urself !
he will regret when he realized later… he will regret later coz he never APPRECIATE you…

read my latest blog!!!!! I am having my wing growing again!!! it’s a nice nice feeling.. don’t miss it out.. i am waiting for you with your wing growing again….

work the way out yourself gurl….
i’m sure you’re capable of doing it….
TRUST yourself, CARE about yourself, have FAITH in yourself, and that makes you a person who you REALLY are…..

i’ll always support you!!!

well…jus do wat u think it correct,dun care wat ppl crapping about…
如果在追求的過程中感到快樂,那麼你到底追求什麼,或者是否追求得到,就不是那麼重要了… 人生總在刻意中失去,卻又在不經意中獲得

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