this morning when i was out for breakfast with mayvis, i found that there was something in my pocket when i was trying to stuck my wallet into my pocket… and i was complaining that there must be some PAPERS stucked there… then i put my hand into it trying to EXPLORE… and guess what!! MONEY!! hhahahahahaha… at first i saw a RM50 note, then another 3 RM10 notes… woohooo~!~!~! suddenly i am so rich edi with 80bucks extra… lalalalallalala~~ and it’s so miracle that it was the first time i wearing that pants since i came back~~~ which means… my dearie 80bucks had been sleeping in my pants for a year!! ahahhaahhaha~~ so cool man~~

and i still wonder… maybe it was only 50bucks at first, then hor… after one year, so got 30bucks interest!!! kekekekekekeek~~

after that, we went to mid valley, while the main purpose for me to go to mid valley was because that i forgot to collect the matching undies for my undies sets yesterday… hahahaha… i only collected the top parts but not the bottom parts… kekekeek… when i told my mom, she was like… LUCKILY 2 pieces only… as i only bought 2 sets!! but then in my mind… i told myself NOWAY!! i must get them back, else the bras gonna be so cacated without their friends… or i would get another new same set!! ahhahaha…

and yea… i already collected them! they are just so LOVELY!!

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Where’s my money?!?!?!?! why can’t i find my money in my pocket!?!?!?! :*(

[pervy mode on]
Ooo goodie.. undies.. ngek ngek ngek….. i bet they would wanna meet their friend too here… so make sure they would be able to meet me when i come to KL next time.. muahahaha!!!!!!
[/pervy mode]

wei darling, can i put money in ur pocket so i can earn interest as well? this is good.. the interest is more than the bank haha

wahlaoo… everyone is interested in my pocket now huh~!~!~!~! hahahahaha… before putting in money must be a member first!!
pay annual fee of 150% of the amount of money that you gonna put in~

cheryl… erm… which one you bought? hahahaha… i bought those cute cute ones wer… from young hearts… kekekekekeke~~~

bobo… this is ericca bank… different from others… i dont force you to invest here, but if you choose to invest here, please pay annual fee~

i think they have a set of rules for setting a bank wan lor.. if you wanna charge or something.. might be illegal wan lor.. so later you go jail.. don’t cry lor.. coz’ i sure laugh out very LOUD!!!!

wah….yee mui~
become rich gal already???
you left your undies? gosh…luckily you get them back woh!! time don’t be a big headed prawn di~ =P

what the hell is this bakuteh-ca lar!!

cheryl, i got one from PC also… ehehhe~

oh well… this is an illegal financial institution… hahahahaha… that’s why interest can be so high~

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