遊戲玩得太認真 就會和快樂沒緣份

well… i got these words from SHIRLEY JIEJIE this afternoon… and thankiew jiejie for these words…

it’s kinda true… when there is a game, you are first gotta agree with all the rules and regualtions… and there will always be an end for a game… there will always be GAME OVER sooner or later…

every game is only for the sake of fun… so… not supposed to be so serious… =)

basically, i am not supposed to be in a game…

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woah…didn’t know you’d put them as a quote in your blog. however, it’s nice to see that you truly understand the meaning of the phrase. in every game, especially love, you have to follow the rules and regulations. that’s what i called rules of love. lotsa couple broke off mainly due to their abiding of the rules.

hopefully you know and understand the rules and you’ll find your happiness very soon. If you know you’re playing in this game, never try to be too serious or you’ll just ending up being a sore loser.

Got this song from Miriam’s I Love Bad Guys (wo ai huai ren) one of my fav song =) try and understand the lyrics. a great song to hear =]

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