/me is happie!! =P

/me is now happily sitting in front of the laptop blogging this happie day…!! yeah~~~ and also very FULL!!! *phat*

well, finally i attended the ULCER FAMILY’s funeral today!! yeahoo~!~! *rest in peace* thankx to everyone that concerned about THE family yea…!! they are now happily resting in peace… hmm… SPECIAL thankx to Joel didi *Joel’s blog*, and thankx to POKU THE EVIL for kept asking me to see doctor, thankx to BOBO for kept cursing me to have ULCER PLANET, thankx to MOMMIE’s E. Excel – Noco, Act, Essence of Time, BIG BIG thankx to my own money buying me, myself and I many cups of watermelon juice and coconut juice!!! *damn, what a waste*

after days of PORRIDGES, i had my first celebration of the day!! early in the morning, daddie brought me to Bak Kut Teh breakfast edi!! woohooo~!~! and it was the first time eating bak kut teh ever since i came back!! then headed to college and another YEAH for it, LAST DAY!! yeahoooo… today was my last lecture for this summer course, nomore classes!! which means… final exam is coming soon… it’s on 16th of feb… a lil sadz… not a good date!! duh~~~ i will have to study during Chinese New Year and VALENTINE’S day!! damn damn damn~~

oh well, i went to Inti college to look for zhanshen as he was having his break at that time, so i joined his friends for a MINI gambling session at Reading Hall!! ahhaha… and it was seriously MINI man!! imagine playing blackjack for only 10cents/game!! ahhahahaha… well, FUN though~ =)

after that, zhanshen, wheimeng and I decided to go for dinner… and it’s really hard for us to decide what to eat!! and YEAH, finally i recalled that i NEEDED to eat The Ship!! yeah~~ but then, where the hell is The Ship around PJ? then called up XUSXUS, he told us there is one in UPTOWN and yeah… he was right!! *muacks xusxus* damn, i got so excited when i saw THE SHIP outside the restaurant!! hahaha… first time dining in the ship ever since i came back!! kkekkeke… i had thai seafood tom yam soup+lamb chop+watermelon juice, wheimeng had his PROMOTION set of dont know what with soup, with beef, with ICE CREAM somemore!! zhanshen had his ice-lemon-tea+chicken… BUT, not really that nice only wor… why? i am not sure though, coz usually i go to the one at bukit bintang, located opposite BB plaza, that one is good!!

then headed to Giant to buy wheimeng’s MIC~ hahaha, he wanna play SKYPE!! =P then i also bought a house phone, zhanshen also had itchy-butts so he bought a set of MIC too… kekekeke… there came a question from wheimeng when i was about to pay by credit card, he asked me ‘eh, since when you using SILVER card?’ after a few seconds STONED there, 3 of laughing like mad cowz… and we know the reason why… hahahahahahahha…

i saw SHINS, i wanted to buy some shampooing thingie to CURE my dried hair… poor hair… then this CUTE LIL sales girl introduced me a GOOD set of thingie, 3 small LIL bottles a set, 170bucks!!! *my eyes went so BIG* i told her too expensive, i wanted something less expensive, then she came to me with another promotion set, also 3 LIL BIGGER bottles, 100bucks… that’s sounds better, isnt it? but then she threw me another SUPER LIL hair moisturiser, DAMN!! another 75bucks… but she said VERY GOOD ONE WOR!!! and… i didnt have so much cash… 175bucks… SO, thankx MOMMIE…!!! ahahahhahahahaha~

the last HAPPIE thing… ekekeekek… when i back at home, mommie told daddie that SOMEONE put money into the letterbox for him, so he asked me to check it out… being a GOOD daddie’s daughter, of coz i RAN down with an ‘OKIE’… and i came up with a 50bucks note, i SERIOUSLY handed to my dad with a ‘NAH’, my dad took a look at it and told me ‘YOU TAKE’ and woooohooooo i said ‘THANKIEW’ hahahahahaha… so cool~~ got extra money again~~ lalalallalalalala~

and… GENG!! 12 hours out today!! from 10am-10pm!! =) and tomorrow no class!! then tonight is going to be my SHADES OF TRUTH’s night!! ekekekekekekeke~~

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wow..finally,your ulcer planet destroyed by my concerns and carings..*grin* Got extra money again eh? So nice, i wanna move to your house since plenty of money… hehe 🙂 anyway,glad to noe u are pretty good now,take care

haha… good lor… i hope you also like me then… every morning gotta put 5 pills worth dont know how much inside stomach… everyday healthy but SEEMS like sickie…

me also E Excel punya wor…

the Ship ? wanted to go long time ago, but NO chance =(
haih, now ur FAMILY OF ULCER gone…
my turn now… not ULCER, but PIMPLES !!! damn !!!
my mom juz asked me, wat happened to ur face ???
and my fren also asked, why ur face like tat one ???
hmm, i think my body is lack of WATER …

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