Daddie SO good!!

mommie owed me money!! she didnt wanna pay me back!! so i kept complaining that i had got no money, but 10bucks left… so poor thing… then daddie saw me so poor thing, so he gave me 50bucks!! kekeke… then i showed off to mommie saying that ‘my daddie so good, mommie no good’

then when i was back home, daddie gave 50bucks to mommie to buy something, so FORTUNATELY that i was there too!! so i took the 50bucks away from mommie!! ahahahahhaa… because she owed me =P then mommie kept complaining that i am owing her LIFE OF MONEY!! my godzzz… there came my HERO DADDIE to protect me saying that ‘give her money to spend lar, she needs to go out mar…’ *muaahhahahahahaa~* so happie!! daddie even asked me enough or not, not enough then he would give me more… then he also told me ‘next time no money tell daddie ok’ *wakakakkakakakakaka* AGAIN, i told mommie ‘SEE, my daddie so good, mommie no good’ =P

hmmm… oh yea, i have got a new hair cut!! kekekeke… cut by a PROFESSIONAL HAIRSTYLIST –> Ms. Ericca Chin!! wahahahahha… well, seriously i am so proud of my own skill!! even my cousin saw me just now, and she said ‘you cut your hair ar, so nice one’ *my godzzzzzz* I AM SO GOOD!! hahahahaha… people, anyone wanna try my skill? heheheheehehe~

nice hair!!

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hahahahahahaha… okokok… let me take another pic without my hair being tied up… hehe

bobo, i didnt STEAL ok… i SNATCHED!! ahah

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