Boys’ Club…

PLEASE!! anyone can tell me from where i can get a copy of Boys’ Club episode 7…? the topic was about how to go dating with 50bucks!! I WANT TO WATCH IT!!

ok… basically i was one of the charactes in there, was a date to Craig Fong… i went for this shoot last year and yesterday was screened on ntv7 but i wasnt there to watch it!! my godzzz… but Eugene and CupidCupid watched it… ahduh~~!!! so angry lar, i went for quite a few shoots for all these local sitcoms, BUT i have never watched myself on screen before… really curious how would i look like on the screen!! damn!!

well, i seriously miss those days… those days were funny days, fun, and EASY MONEY!! ahahhaha~~ imagine, we were there chatting and playing around while not our turns to show up… then when it’s our turn, maybe just be there for less than half an hour then the shoot would be alright and could leave… then a 50bucks note would be in your pocket!! and if you were given a line or two to present, it would be a 70bucks!! not bad right… and the most important that it is SO FUN!! my top record was starring 3 different roles in a same drama in a day!! that’s so ridiculous… hahahaa~ from a news reporter to an elegant lady dining in high class restaurant to a MAID!! hahahaahaa~~ *so lame*

but for Boys’ Club, it was a lil more work to do, as it was only Craig and I on the screen, so basically both of us were the MAIN characters, a bit difficult for me ler, NEWBIE man! and it took 2 days to finish that only 10mins shoot!! we travelled from mid valley to Naili’s in sentul and we were shooting from 7am in the morning till 1am midnight… *my godzzz* but well, good experience!! serious!!

AND AGAIN, i need a copy of it!! ANYONE?

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eh, since when u shoot in those movies ???
i was wondering, “huh ? is this eRiCCa ? they look soooo alike !!!” when i was watching tat…
frankly, u look much prettier now, compare to ‘tat’ time…
and u can act quite well too !!! =P

ahhaha… cupid, it was last year before i left to melbourne ler… kekekeke… that time i got quite a few part time jobs like… roadshows promoter and sitcoms actress… hahahahaha~

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