Friends? NO!

when i was happy crapping on msn and dc++ hub… suddenly my hp rang, i looked at the number, and ‘OH SHIT’ came out from me… oh well, i picked up still…

guy: hi, it’s me!
me: i know!
guy: where are you?
me: at home…
guy: ask you something, are you trying to avoid me?
me: whatever lar…
guy: cant we be friends?
me: NO!
guy: ok then.

seriously, i have to go on my life without all these people and memories, i try not to recall any of these… i mean i seriously couldnt forgive myself for involving in such relationship before…

it feels so YUCKIE when you recall yourself being in a relationship while the LOVE wasnt there… and you will definately wanna forget everything as if it’s just a nightmare… just like how i feel now…

sorrie for not being serious in love… and i will not repeat that anymore!! i will be in a relationship when i am in LOVE!! and sorrie, i really dont know how to maintain this friendship… and there is no point also… well, i dont know whether this is wrong or correct, but i know i feel better doing so…

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aiya …ericca J…dont be like that ler…luckily the guy not me…lol..!!aren’t u so cute and sportive all the way?why suddenly be like this ler….u not happy me not happy :_(


ok, as long as you will feel better with this,I will always on your side. By the way, what happened to your good friend? Look at his msn nick. From now on I will not comment anything ..

you’ve done the right thing, for right now.

as for the friends part… you’ve handled it ok. i am not saying you can’t be friend with him.

but at the moment it seems like it’s best that you avoid him totally until one day, when you have no feeling (love, hate whatever feeling) to him, then you can talk about being friend with him…

zhanshen: thankx man!! you are the best!! erm… my GOOD friend ar… no idea, let me try to talk to him a nd see…

freddie, yea… that’s what i think also… but i think… i WILL NEVER feeling being friends with him…

PYY, what should i pay for?

shinchan, that one wont work!!

clemet, you should thank god that i am treating you like this huh… ahahahaha

=.=|| sei ericca ler….so bad to me for what?…aiyo…if i got ur phone num…me booming ur phone wiv missed call edi…wahahahahahaha…..
missed call = miss u mah..wahahahahah

(A Touch of encouragement from Emily Matthews)

It’s often easy to forget,
on dark and cloudy days,
That the sun is always shining
though we may not feel it’s rays.

We often think we’re limited
to what our eyes can see,
Forgetting that there’s so much more
to our reality.

But through faith we reach a higher plane,
with hope we carry on,
Confident the night will pass
and soon we’ll see the dawn…

For the sun is always shining
Just above the cloudy haze,
And in our hearts we know that soon,
It’s warmth will fill our days.

totally agree!!! there is none can handle relationship PERFECTLY…

and i still wonder… who is 7889? hello…?

when you get older and think back, you’ll see a lot of silly things you’ve done.

you don’t think you can be friend with him, doesn’t mean can’t be friend forever… you never know what’s gonna happen…

as for love sucks, i agree! love sucks your energy, time and money… it sucks everything you have and once you’re addicted, it’s worse than drugs…

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