Chinese New Year

oh man… chinese new year is just around the corner…. another week to go… i feel so STRESSED!! i dont like chinese new year!! i might be one kind for disliking chinese new year since most of the people like it… arghh… i dont find a reason to like it…

the yearly house cleaning part is TIRING lar!! i dont understand WHY do we need to clean the whole house before chinese new year… since we do the cleaning all the time… and why must we buy new things for it… new clothes? shops are opened everyday, and we can buy new clothes anytime when we see clothes that we like, but why must we being forced to buy new clothes for chinese new year while we dont see clothes that we like!!! haiihzz… a waste of money and energy!!

oooh… yearly family gathering with all the aunties and uncles… oh no… every year they comment on the same things… ‘wah, grow older edi wor’ ‘wah, prettier edi wor’ and every year gotta answer the same questions… ‘what are you studying’ ‘where are you studying’ ‘have you got a bf’… oh my godzzz… i think i can list down all these on a piece of paper and stick it on my forehead and ask them to read themselves!!

and usually adults LOVE all these family gatherings, they TREASURE this once in a year’s chance to catch up with everyone and keep chatting all the way through… while KIDDOZ like us gotta stay there doing nothing… dont expect me to have long chats with those people that i meet only once a year… nothing to chat about weik~~ i often fall asleep during this kinda occasions…

ANG PAO~~ everyone loves this yea!! but hey, this kinda money damn hard to EARN lar… gotta smile like a GRO entertaining the people all the day long… *hard job* sometimes still gotta be a joker or even a clown~~ and at the end of the day, the amount of money… haiihzzz… it’s better if our parents dont need to give ang paoz to other kiddoz and give all the money to us!! that’s so nice!! this is a WIN-WIN strategy weik!!

and how about food? i dont see any special food that we can ONLY eat during chinese new year also… maybe Yu Sang and mandrin oranges only… what else? others like those snacks… anytime also can get lar!! dengz… why must we wait until chinese new year only eat like a hungry ghost wor…!!

finally… the only thing i like –> countless of gambling sessions!! ahahhaa… this is the ONLY time that we can gamble from morning till night and from night till morning all the time… =P *gambling ghost is here* just for the sake of FUN!!

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CNY to me is so so only …
i agree with u… they always ask the same question every year…
hmm, i like ‘ang pow’… lolz !!!
food ? hmm… i hate tat… coz they make me fat !!! *sweating*

ericca J… year new hope everything new mah,….so ar…hope u clean up all the unwanted memory, get all the new new cute cute guys …then get all big big angpao ler….then win win all the big big money ler…..

me planin new year how to spend my little bit salary without bonus…@@||

jj, so nice can hav they dunno what’s the hell is cny..hehe..hope u win plenty of gold..!!! And always get 4 “2″(di).. Play hard win more..*lol*

i’ve missed 9 yrs of cny in a row!!! and i am not gonna miss any ang pow from anyone…

need to grab them before i get married. 🙁

as for new stuffs, i don’t understand that too. why must we spend lots of money on new stuffs? my family seldom practice this, maybe a few items in the house. but my gf’s family… almost everything new. -_-;;

as for gamble… nobody to gamble with… 🙁

haiyoh .. ericca … don’t take away my only reason to shop until mad.. oh okay…so it’s not until mad.. but this is the only time when i am encouraged to buy new clothes… XD

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