weeeeeeeee~~~ finally i got myself 2 new tops today!!! yeah yeah yeah~~!! but, not any bottom yet… gonna look for a SKIRT soon!!

was actually planned to go shopping with Bobo, Loklok and CupidCupid one ler… then hor, last night mommie said she wanted to do house cleaning AGAIN… so that i gotta cancel the DATE lor!! but then when i woke up this morning, i found that mommie already out!! cool~~~ then i asked zhanshen to go shopping together!! ahahahaha~~

we went 1u… and i bought one threepointsix top!! yeah!! first one!! although i dont like it very much… still… forced to buy for chinese new year… whatever lar!! then went to meet up with bobo, loklok and cupidcupid also… was damn freaking hungry!! met up with them to have Nando’s while zhanshen was having his hair cut…

after that 4 of us went to shop around… as bobo wanted to buy clothes too!! then again we went to threepointsix… this time, bobo didnt buy anything buy i got another MICKEY top for myself again!! haahhahaha… stupiak bobo!! then we ended up walking from here to there, from there to here to search for bobo’s clothes!! but then… at the end… THREEPOINTSIX AGAIN!! finally he got his 2 new tops from there!! ahahhaha… *congrats*

oh man~~ was planning to go atmos tonight… but hey!! damn tired lar… i wonder how is zhanshen going to dance tonight!! and… i have to be a good girl at home tonight lar, since went out whole day edi, tomorrow gotta wake up early to go market somemore!! heard that tomorrow is a BIG MARKET DAY!! gonna use TWO CARS to take those stuffs!! and also heard that… gonna carry EIGHT CHICKENS back!! that’s so scary weik~~~ *wondering how can all of them fit into my small lil fridge*

4 replies on “Shopping…”

ahahaha !!!
tat’s scary ~ but usually the fridge at my grandma house also FULL …
somemore got to take some to my house and also my aunty house…

u bought something, but i didnt get anything… *sigh*
today no mood to shopping at all…
and tired … accompanying bobo to buy clothes… ahaha =D

which i wasn’t that happy about coz’ the size was a bit big, which is quite loose on me.. but terpaksa buy also.. coz’ i can’t other things that meet my eyes… =*( let’s pray for a miracle.. maybe next i need custome made.. or shop earlier.. hahahaha.. i learn my lesson… =*(

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