A N3wB!3 ~ ! ~


Hiya..ya..ya..ya.. :) am a Newbie i mean in &#59;)Thanks to my pretty lovely aunty ericca ( opps!:P shud be Pretty Lovely gurl ler..:lalala: ) invited me to join in this bladdy~~ aha..i dunno whats that about also..haha coz..ok first time to touch these..soo ebibody –> “duo duo ji gao” !! ^_~

~~neeway,still have to make a greeting first..wishing all of you having a prosperous new year,may all your dream comes true and happy belated valentines day :)

.. Back to busy mode ..

erm...nth to say..

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stop calling me aunty you BIATCH!!!!
but then… once again… welcome PRETTY BABE MAYBLE to magicland~~~ attract more hunks here ok~~~ kekekeke

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