Exam Gone…

i just had my ONLY paper today… not that bad… but i was SO DAMN sleepie while i was doing the paper… those words in front of me were floating on the paper and moving here and there… my godzzz… so blur man!!! and my eyes kept going smaller and smaller from time to time… those numbers that i was counting went like alien figures to me… *damn* i tried so hard to concentrate and do all the calculations carefully… hopefully there wasnt any SILLY mistake ler… *pray*

luckily i was fast enough to finish the paper half an hour before it was ended… the first thing i did was redo all the calculations, in order to reduce silly mistakes… then still around 15 minutes left… GOOD!! *pooop* and i went on resting my MILLIONS KGS head on the table and went on dreaming edi… till the lecturer announced that the exam had ended, i woke up and still feeling damn blur… but still gotta move my butt to go home…

and thank god that i didnt need to wait long for zhanshen to come over… his timing was good… a great thank to zhanshen and wheimeng for waiting for me from 1pm till 430pm wor… *arigato* told ya… my BFS are the best!! =P

it’s the end of my summer course and it’s also time to prepare for the coming new semester… hmmm… time to pack… to get myself back to the god damn boring MELBOURNE!! i am gonna miss KL loads… arrghh… i hate packing… can someone please help me?

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