Me Backie…

*tired* just got back from my wonderful trip last night… damn exhausted!! it’s a fun trip with laughters all days and nights… thanks people!! it’s great!!

well, beside the cute people that i had with me, i also bought something for myself!! yeah~~ a BLUSHER from red earth that i couldnt find it here in msia… *good* and also my new LOVER – my BOYBOY… kekekekekeke~~ he is so damn adorable… i am just too much in love with him now… *muacks*

oh yea, and finally i went to ZOUK!! the infamous zouk lar what else… what can i say… hmm… it’s REALLY BIG!! and PACKED!! a lot of Kwai Lous there… erm… but i dont really like it… hahahahahahaha… the music was SO SO or maybe it was because that i wasnt allowed to get into Velvet the trance place just because that i am under 23 years old!!! *arghhh* by the way, at least now i know it… kekeke… and the most MEMORABLE thing was… we, the 5 of us took a pic in front of zouk together… and yea that’s the ONLY pic… coz… there was someone very SMART, he brought a camera but with an empty battery without bringing a charger also… WOOHOOO… wasnt he very the smart? *applause* =P

hmmm… let’s share a few pics taken with my phone…

took this after coming back from zouk… looking a bit blur and tired… hahahahahaha~

me and my BOYBOY the PINK ASTRO BOY!! mayvis and her BLUE TOTORO~

introducing the lengjaiz in the house!! – BOY BOY – *muacks*

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