New Life *again*

i seriously cant recall how many NEW LIFE i gotta start for myself… but, i think it’s good that i have this in mind that i wanna start one…? right?

hahahha… why am i keep requesting for a new life? coz… another thing happened and i still have to keep my life going… and i cant continue the old life that i used to be… so… REBORN!! yea yea yea… but no idea when will be the life that i no longer need to restart anymore… *arrggghhhh*

my life cycle is now normal – depression – normal – depression… hey, where has my peak moment gone weik~~

/me seeking for happiness… from front to back, from left to right, from top to bottom…



ok people… be my witness ok… loklok said that he’s going to get me a GARFIELD ar… let’s whack him if he FFK!!

@hanZ~ says:
but i wanna find the cutiest and most handsome garfield for bibi ya..

garfield is so cute, isnt he? i used to like him a lot a lot… till i had a nickname Garfield Chin back in primary school days as i was having ALMOST everything of garfield… bag, water bottle, pencil case, wallet, watch, stationary, clothes… just like another walking garfield… hahahahaha

and mommie was the one who bought me all these things and daddie kept saying that mommie wasting money buying me garfield things, so i didnt like daddie!! then, there was one day, daddie bought me a garfield soft toy on my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *wooohooo* i was like so damn shocked!! hey, daddie seldom buy birthday present for me and i went like… hmmm… *i thought you said buying garfield is a waste of money* hahahahaa… then the next garfield thing that daddie bought for me is a garfield watch… yeah!!! and i was so happy that finally i could get myself a NICE watch, rather than those toy-watches… i was so proud of my watch… kekekekek

oh yea, there was once mommie bought me a nice garfield water bottle which was double the price of the normal garfield water bottles that i had… and it was a PINK one!! then i happily brought it to school lor, and the water seemed sweeter than usual… then suddenly, there was this MAD FELLA in my class went mad again, he took up my NEW PINK GARFIELD WATER BOTTLE and smashed it on the floor, and… cracked… damn him!! i cried so hard for it man!! *arrrrgghhh* after that, i gotta stick with those not-so-nice-garfield-water-bottles edi… =(

and guess what, garfield was born in 1978 and i was so interested in guys born in 1978!! ahhahahaa… it’s like i would go so excited knowing that this guy born in 1978… hahahaha… =P *madness*

I LOVE GARFIELD… still… i am just too loyal~~ cant help it… =P



ma de… just got back from a K session… had some beer… and feeling farking shittie now… like wanna puke but then cant puke… *arggghhhh* damn san fu weik~~~~

i hate beer lar… so regret that i didnt order some liquor other than beer… damn damn damn!! and… why didnt i drink more beer, so that i can puke easily… *dengzzzz*

by the way, the feeling is back… dont know why… i always love this kinda feeling, when your head is a lil dizzy a lil heavy and a lil blur… that’s the best feeling of all… and you just feel like sleeping… so cool… it’s been quite some time i last had this kinda feeling… and i am back… i miss this kinda feeling… acting like E to me, i feel so in a dream…

it reminds me of my days where i used to get myself drunk few times a week and i enjoyed that so much… my brain couldnt function well for a few days after every drunking session… and i love that feeling… that’s why i had been clubbing like madz last time… but for now, although i am tired of clubbing, i still love drinking, or i should say i dont like drinking but i like to drunk myself… hmmm… *weirdo* or maybe i should just head to liquor shop and get a bottle at home and drink myself everynight… hahahahahah…



:P:P:P Finally ……….. !!!! After slaving 12 hours of work a day for 5 days ………. I’m getting 5 days off next week …….. :lalala::lalala:

so funnnnnnnnnnn ………. PC Fair tomolo ……. planning to get Speakers, HDD, RAM and if can afford a new digicam ….. :P :)):)):))

Yooooooo …… Caca u in holiday also ……….. hehehehehe ….. so shiok …….. God Bless da Off Days …… Work Sux !!!!


New hat…

weeeheee~~ just got back from Highpoint!! and i got myself a PINK HAT!! ekkekekeke… and i think that i look like an artist with it!! ahahaha… what do you think…

a LANSI artist?

a FRIENDLY artist?


11 missed calls…

incredible fella… my godzzz…


Private Number…

usually i dont like Private Number calls!! especially when there is a missed call and i cant track back the caller or it is someone like the following case… *but, sometimes private number caller is a NICE ONE, because… it’s my MOMMIE!!* yea… overseas calls are all under private number calls…

well… last morning, there was this private number called me 4am in the morning while i was sleeping!! so i answered thought that it was my mom… but then no one was speaking, in fact no sound at all, so i just hung up… and this fella called again and again… after a few times, i decided to set my phone to silent mode and off to continue my sleep… then when i woke up in the morning i saw 6 missed calls!! what the fark~~~

last night, or should i say this morning, 5am… this fella called again… i answered once, nobody talking, hung up, silent it, sleep… and the same thing i saw 1 missed call in the morning… well… i seriously dont know who is this… i even wonder whether he/she/it is a human or non-human!! *hmmmmm…*


No holiday + no money + no-thing to do…

No Holiday…
what lar!! so damn stupid!! i wasnt supposed to have classes today and tomorrow due to the stupid STRIKE in uni… and guess what, they canceled it yesterday!! wahlaoo… and they only informing people through students email, hey honestly, i check my students mail once in a blue moon one man!! *arrggghhh* luckily my housemates checked it last night, else everyone is going to miss their classes!! i already missed my 9am’s japanese lecture… hahahaha… it’s too early lar… nvm lar… =P

but then later gotta attend both tax law’s tutorial and lecture… and also tomorrow!! corporate accounting’s tutorial and lecture… *arrgghhhh*

No Money…
haiihzz… bigpond cons all my money… i never ever expected that my broadband bill can be more than 300bucks!! and hey it really happens!! what the hell~!~!~!!~!~! i was supposed to change back to my UNLIMITED plan but then it was already march so that even i made the change, it will only take effect in april!! so we are now using the 200mb plan, and we only used for like 10 days after we shifted in man!! we already over limit by 1800mb… and there are a few more days to april~ gosh… and they charge me at $0.15/mb… wooohooo~~ great number!! RM1k for a month’s broadband… so cool huh~~ we cant do anything for that, so we are not giving a damn!! ahahha… since it is already over by so much, arrrggh… just continue using, but not surfing so much!! so stupid!! and where the hell is my iinet~~~~~

No-thing to do…
it was so boring yesterday!! couldnt surf much… no tvb series for me to watch… no big2 to play… so i did this with my webcam… wakkakakakaka~~


*dang dang dang dang*

i am here to make an announcement!!

yeah~~~~~~~~ first term already gone!! and now… my 3 weeks break has just started!!!

hahahahaha… just got back from the crappy presentation that i did just now… oh well… last minute work, one question wrong somemore… at least i got it 6/10!! i am freaking satisfied weik!! anyway… a big thank to WONG MEE HUEY… eh… no no no… LIM MEE HUEY for accompanying me the whole last night and helping me to get information… oh yea hor, how did she accompany me leh since she is in KL… SKYPE lor!!!!!! hahaha… i am in love with skype edi… so that i can feel like there are MORE PEOPLE in my room, not so lonely… i even heard her sister, brother and mother… WOW!! i felt that they were just beside me!! so happening!!

haiihzzz… but then… why am i so happy about the break leh? it’s not a break but time to finish FEW assignments and study for FEW tests!! *madness* damn!! can i go to uni? i dont want any break… can i exchange my break with no test and no assignment? wakakkakakaka~ *thankiew


How to fry a normal and nice fried egg?

well… i was freaking pissed at my auditing presentation, and tired of sitting for hours… so i got up to get something to EAT!! yeah… that’s the way to fill up your free time!!

looked around and couldnt find anything that i felt like eating… hmmm… suddenly felt like eating a FRIED EGG!! well… thinking of the last egg that i fried… hmmmm… last year! ahahha… and that was my FIRST FRIED EGG!! but well, cant really remember what was the taste… and yea, i went on frying my SECOND FRIED EGG!! alright, already done and already eaten… BUT, i dont understand why are all my fried eggs always so ugly, tasteless, they dont even smell good!! what lar!! WHY HUH!! what’s my problem huh!!

i remember there was my friend who brought so many eggs to my house years ago… and… his intention was to… TEACH ME HOW TO FRY AN EGG!! wakakkakakaka… but then he failed~ ahah… even my dad taught me before though!! i just cant get things right!! haiihzzz… damn sienz~~~