Unlucky Very Unlucky…

i have finally moved to my new house… and… it is… so… scary… i was so shocked when i first walked into the house, as i hadnt seen it before i moved in!!

the house is so damn old!! maybe like 50 years old, most things are broken, cracked and DIRTY! and super big… it is just like another haunted mansion man!! with all the broken crystal lights hanging on the ceiling, and those stained mirrors here and there, yellowish lights, stains here and there… DAMN!! really couldnt take it at first… i even held my tuition fees to the uni and my return ticket and prepared to go home anytime… i just cried to mommie that i seriously afraid of that house, i was so scared to go to the toilet and shower… and till now i already been sleeping in my housemate’s room for 3 nights… i dont even dare to sleep alone… DAMN!!

but still, i am trying my best to cope with it for at least 6 months… let’s see what will happen, else i will be heading back to my sweet home… my mom has no idea for it but my dad asked me to go back… hahaha, he is afraid that i might get crazy here or maybe will commit suicide…? hmmm… but, in order to make me love my house, i am spending a BOMB to make it look a lil more LOVELY!! feel like renovating the whole damn house only!! and i had to cover the damn mirror facing my bed weik, just imagine, it is so scary to sleep with it!!

but there is one thing in my mind… i really think that there are TOO MANY signals telling me that i shouldnt have come back to melb… at first was all the unlucky things happened in the previous blog… then when i got into my new house, we were locked outside the house… and then i twisted my ankle while crossing the road yesterday, everyone was there looking at me like we were having a mini meeting at the traffic light!! and i didnt give a damn because DAMN FARKING PAINFUL man!! i thought i had lost my foot!! and now i am walking handicaply~~ TA MA DE!! i cant imagine what’s gonna happen in the future again~~!!

i dont even have a phone line at home at the moment!! i cant make calls to mommie!! and i cant online!! *arrrrghhh* and i already missed one week’s lectures and tutorials as i didnt have time to go to uni!! i had been busy for the whole week loading and unloading my stuffs, cleaning, arranging… DUH~

and there were times when i needed accompanions and some comfortings… luckily my dearest cousins always there with me!! *muacks* unlike someone acting like a BIATCH never ever give a damn!!

bless myself… not to be so unlucky anymore, PLEASE… and also to Mayvis, good luck girl, i am here feeling you all the time!!

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when i got your message, i was half awaken (or i should half asleep).. you sounded like a poor puppy and so i replied you.. then you know what i got? you said.. i so scare the place like haunted mansion.. Haiyoh!!! deng how old already still macam budak budak…

cupid… didnt i msg you? did i miss you out? damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
okokok… next time i will msg you ONLY instead of msging so many other USELESS people!

ah.h.!! how bout me..?
din sms your papa ah..?! forget bout me edi la.. 🙁
u ah..dun think too much la..
the house just look old a bit..
n u keep worryin this n tat.. only made urself getting scare of it.. 😀
study hard there ah..! 😀

hah! i know that feeling. my first house in US was a 1878 built old house when the town was still famous for mining copper.

the best way to cope with it is to party every weekend. invite everybody to the house. soon you will feel the house with more “ren qi” and more comfy to live in.

i miss that house!! we even did bbq inside the house. 😀

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