why why why so many unlucky entries altogether? let me tell you WHY, coz i am now freaking farking super extremely damn UNLUCKY!!! *diuz*

my poor lil foot was about to recover edi, not so pain edi, and at least i could walk FASTER with it edi instead of walking like a orang cacat… BUT BUT BUT… i twisted it AGAIN, yea… the SAME FOOT!! i was holding a bag of rubbish and i was heading to throw it… i twisted it just before the door!! damn!! SO PAIN lar!!

dahhhh~~~~ when can i back to be a NORMAL person!! *arrrghhh* and my mom kept saying that i dont know how to take care of myself, and she said EVERYONE thought that i could… yea man, even me myself thought that too… but too bad, i am disappointing everyone!! i am just a loser… weak… lousy… and i cant go home!! WHEN THE HELL CAN I GO HOME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!! i told my mom that i need a BABY SITTER~~ wahhahahahahahaha~~ hey i seriously need one ok~~!! or someone please donate a BF to me ar? not a lousy one but one that can take care of me, please… and thankiew…

i got this from my mom while msn-ing with her:

AnnChin says:
please lah Chin Vian Yee...... don't always.... blame this & that lah..... god give u the life is not bad with others less fortunate .....u must know to hold & make use of it "par wor" *means 把握*!!

p/s: am i really complaining too much? telling the truth only wor…

oh well, i am still stucked in this broadbandless life… so BORING!! i am now using a snail-dialup… but well, it’s good though, so that i can sleep early at night!! hahaha… not too bad right…? at least there is SOMETHING good about this house!! lalalalalllalaa~~ oh hey, anyone interested to come over on saturday? we are having a HOUSE WARMING (like we OWN the house, but we dont) at my place… anyone? just tell me IF YOU REALLY coming, ok?

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First you think BF is to baby sit you wan ar? deng..

Second.. it’s not bad luck.. maybe it’s time to lose something already… so that A) it won’t block your view on seeing your foot B)you wont have to use extra strenght to support something


yea right bobo, i got you!! i am trying my best though~~~ ahhahahaha…

pyy, i am also trying my best to do so…

i don’t believe it has anything to do with luck.

seriously, i think you need to get on your own and live like a grown up. you would be surprised on how much you can actually achieve in life.

enjoy the house, make full use of it. party every weekend.

i miss that kinda life. before you start to miss it, you should enjoy it.

i think she is just missing home… but hey that’s no reason for you to sulk. There are so many things that you can see and experience that i can’t…

i agree with wat freddie say..!
before you start to miss it, you should enjoy it…
we should enjoy our study life as much as we can be we all get into the working life.. 🙁 strong la..
u’re no a kids edi..
n also wat ur mom say is reli correct too..
æŠŠæ¡ wat we have now..

i truly agree …..

Man….. I really missed my days in Melbourne …..
I used to find it sienz also and wanted to come back to KL …….

You should try working life …..
it’s freakin’ %@^$&^#%*!

No free time ……. full of headaches ……
Man …. I missed my carefree student life ….

How everyone wished they could turn back time …….

ericca, before you complain… think about this…

have you complain before when you were in highschool? some way or the other… i think most of us did…

but once you’re out from highschool, you started to miss it…

same goes for college time too… and now… univ time. before you miss it, get the most from it!!

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