Happie Birthday!!

yeah!! i am now 22 years old edi… haha, should i be so proud of it? i wonder…

hmmm… i think i did make a right choice that i decided to come to my so-called 2nd home – CLAYTON!! as i have my dearest cousins here!! they are my ONLY family here… so i always feel more comfy over here!! =)

hahahahaha… and it was so funny that when they brought me the birthday cake with candle lighted up, and the smoke alarm got activated!! ahahahha… and my mom called me on my 3g mobile while my friend, Wings called me on my Digi mobile *thanks wor, a bit surprised that you could remember that* and he didnt know that i already back in melbourne, he was so surprised… at that moment i was so busy answering both phones and also gotta blow candle… hahahahaha… it’s funny though~~

well, i actually really dont have any celebrating mood since few years back, dont know why… i find it is so meaningless edi, and it is just another normal day to me… but for this year, i DID hope for something… but too bad that it didnt turn out my way… so… well… exected lar!! =) at least i met my ASLING jiejie today… not bad~

i have made my birthday wish… and hopefully everything will be better very soon~~

and oh yea… a BIG THANK to ZHANSHEN, he has THIS FUNNY THING, but he didnt give it to me ler… he only set it as his nick, i guess i was too busybody and i went to have a look and i ASSUME that it is for me!! ahahahhahaha… anyway, I LOVE YOU!!

my PRETTY cake!!

jiejie and i…

3 lovely cousins!!

there you go my cousin-in-law, Nhan!! kekekekek

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dun always cry la~~~~
though u having a not so happy birthday… but wat to do.. u so damm far away… n u got a so beautiful cake.. see also feel like eating liao.. aikss.. so envy~
now your 25% , me , here grant u a wish… HHHhmMMmMmmmmmMMMMmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..
Dreams COme true..

一ä¸ä¸çš„高兴。。。一ä¸ä¸çš„感动。。。就够了… åŠ æ²¹ï¼ï¼ï¼ã€€

Cousin with specs.. super leng lui.. erm not super leng lui sorry… super elegant looking with all those “i am the woman!” aura over place… tell her don’t ever lose the specs… it shot me right over here (me looking at my left chest)… muahaha

BTW, happy birthday! =P

thankx people… i do hope that too~~

hahahahaha… bobo… i will leave it to my cousin to reply to your comment… *no comment* =P

bobo… sorrie lar… too many bday smses to reply lar… =P

BB, may i have Tiffany & Co’s thing please… thankiew!

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